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The Chatham Raven - (Giant Raven)


The Chatham (Corvus Moriorum) was a old species of prehistoric Raven. It will be a more fantasy like creature tied in with a real world species, using capabilities like death and spying mechanics in its kit. I had decided to go with a giant Raven for my submission as I definitely think it fits the map since Ragnarök is associated with Norse Mythology and Ravens are a common creature in Norse Mythology with Odin using them as spies.


Chatham raven - Facts, Diet, Habitat & Pictures on Animalia.bio


The Chatham Raven would be larger than a Argent and Snow Owl while being a relatively tall creature while being much more stealthy as well.


To tame one of these majestic creatures you require a Spyglass and food (most favorably mammal corpses and superior kibble). To tame a Chatham Raven you must first find one perching on something, once you see it perching you must look at it with a spyglass for a duration and it will then move. You must repeat this process for 3 times until it will slowly approach you and ask for something to eat, then you repeat this process until tamed.


Once tamed it will have a variety of abilities allowing it to have PvE and PvP utility. 


1: Scanning Vision - X

Press C while flying, gliding or on the ground to have a unique FoV that will highlight enemy creatures and players in red, Max Level creatures in yellow and ally creatures in green. While this ability is active the player will have an increased FoV allowing them to see more. When withing 75m of a creature you have the ability to see the creatures stats passively like HLNA.


Corvus moriorum by HodariNundu on DeviantArt


2: Weakening Spy - Right Click

While Perched on the ground or flying you have the ability to hold right click to have you vision Zoom in and focus on a particular creature or group of creatures. If you are able to lock on and spy on the creature for a duration they will be notified with a loud Raven cry and experience the Targeted De-Buff. After inflicting a creature / group of creatures with a Targeted De-Buff the Chatham Raven gains a speed, stamina and attack boost

       2.5: Targeted 

When a creature has a targeted De-Buff they will take significantly more damage than regularly stacking with how long they were spied on for (only to a maximum amount), and will drain stamina faster as well. This buff will last a duration relative to how long they were spied on from a Chatham Raven.


3: Pin Down - Hold Ctrl + Left Click

While flying hold ctrl and a cursor will appear on your screen, once it is aimed at a creature you can left click to glide down and pounce onto a creature. While a creature is pounced it will be unable to attack or move for 12s. While a Chatham has a creature / or player pinned they are able to attack the pinned creature.


2055258 - safe, artist:fishcrow, derpibooru import, oc, oc:der, unofficial  characters only, bird, gryphon, raven (bird), micro, pecking, pinned, pinned  down - Twibooru

Necrofilia entre cuervos? Descubre por qué


4: Death's Presence - C

Killing creatures as well as harvesting up corpses charges up a death metre. Once the death meter is full it will only last for a certain duration, during this duration the Chatham can press C to roar very loudly and causing any creature within 400m to get the Death's Presence effect. While Death's Presence is active any creature within 200 metres of the Chatham will be inflicted with this effect and the Chatham's Eyes will glow, Talons will glow, and will be surrounded by a dark shadow that will leave a trail behind it.


         4.5a: Death's Presence Effect

When a creature is affected with the Death's Presence Effect it will decrease any creatures Health Regen, Stamina, Attack Damage, How much damage it takes and Speed that are over 15% health stacking with how much health it has. Creatures that are under 15% health will gain an increased Health Regen, Stamina and Speed when affected with this. This would incentivize the Chatham player to try and pick down the enemies hp and have them go after stronger and beefier tames and change the tide of battle.

(More Health = More Debuffed, Less Health = Less Debuffed)

A quote from John Wick 4 explains this ability perfectly:

"Those who cling to death, live. And those who cling to life, die." - John Wick and Caine (John Wick 4)


         4.5b: Chatham Weakened State

After the Death's Presence ability is over the Chatham will have a De-Buff of Stamina and Attack Damage for 3 minutes. You have the option to have your Raven lay down to increase the rate at which the De-Buff will go away. The Death's Presence Ability has a cooldown of 6 minutes until it can be used again.

shanepierceart on Twitter: "My #raven #painting #art #ArtistOnTwitter  @shanepierceart #cinema #illustration https://t.co/JRzZy2pk6P" / Twitter




Passive Ability:


Night Stalker - Passive

When the map turns to Night time the Raven will get significantly darker, (almost equivalent to being invisible) allowing it to have stealthy travel at night.


Insulation - Passive

While in the Murder Snow on Ragnarök the Chatham Raven will allow it's rider to endure the temperatures, but won't completely negate it's affects.


Glider - Passive

When not aiming upwards while flying the Chatham Raven will use a faster glide like ability which will slowly regen stamina while being able to travel.



Raven Symbolism, Dreams, and Messages - Spirit Animal Totems



Saddle - The Chatham's Saddle will be unlocked at Level 68 and will be craftable in the smithy. It would also have a craftable component that can be equipped that would be a Saddle Camera which would be strapped to the front of the Raven. There would be another craftable device to go along with this called Chatham Saddle Camera thing and it would allow for any player to see through all of the cameras strapped to tamed Ravens that they own.



Weaknesses -

The Chatham is not a tanky creature when not in Death's Presence and has slightly less than average health, but makes up for it in Stamina and Damage.

The Chatham are much weaker when in warmer temperatures but are quite fond of the colder areas of Rag like the Murder Snow.]




And that is it for my Chatham Raven creature submission, please upvote it if you like and also make sure to check out some other cool ideas submitted. Hope you enjoyed the concept!




Link to Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chatham_raven 

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Chatham Raven or The Giant Raven
Corvus moriorum
Holocene period
Diet: Omnivore
temperament: Docile, cautious

A shoulder pet with extra weight reduction for Metal, Obsidian, and Crystal and a lover of shiny things, it can be found flying near these resources, slowly pecking away at them to try and bring them to its nest. These nests can be raided similar to Beaver dams but this would make the normally docile birds go into a fit of "Hitchcock fury", rapidly pecking and mobbing players until they leave.

To gain the trust of a Corvus, you need shiny things. Metal ingots are much more appealing to these birds than the normal raw metal they collect and so they will want to have it. Bring enough Metal ingots to them and they will trust you and may even give you resources back. Once you give it enough shiny things, it will follow you around and want food from you as well, feed it Mejoberries or Mutton and it will love you forever.

Gather enough Corvids and they will gain the "Hitchcock fury" buff. They will believe your base to be their nest and protect it with their lives. They give bleed as they rush in and peck their enemies and the more crows tamed means the buff is stronger. If not defensive, they will leave for long periods of time only to return with full inventories of metal, crystal, and obsidian. If on a player's shoulder, these smart birds give you a crafting skill buff, allowing you to make better weapons and tools.

Poster's note:
Given the Viking theme and name of Ragnarok, a large raven felt like it fit the theme. Huginn and Muninn, the Raven duo of Odin here for Ragnarok and ready to guide you to Valhalla after the bosses are defeated.


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Given you and I both have made this species and in the past entries I made a confusiusornis similar.

And someone else entered a Confusiusornis that is similar, a collector of the shiny things.

I say the three of us combine our efforts. Your four votes and my five means C. moriorum has Nine already, throw in Confusiusornis and we get ten.

What say you?

As for the spawns, I'd say they'd more commonly be found with direwolves but also have a rarer chance of being on beaches, to reflect the real animal's coastal life... and I'd have them hate Ichthyornis and pegos and steal from them, karma for thieves XD.


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On 6/5/2023 at 3:00 PM, Joebl0w13 said:

Votes are merged. Good for both authors. 

Good to know :D

Better's the chance of the creature we want getting in.

I'm surprised so many of us made concepts for this bird. I honestly hope it gets in.

I honestly did not expect some of the earlier winners and given my current feelings on ASA, I'd likely want to actually get the game if our bird wins.

... That sounded like "If I win, then I'll buy your content" but honestly given recent events with wildcard and snail, I want a good reason to get it.

and having a crow on my shoulder would be a pretty good reason.

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Who doesn't like getting gifts? Or shoulder pets?How about both?Here is a real life prehistoric creature that actually existed and fits perfectly with the lore and name of the ARK Map Ragnarokl

it will also bring more utility and use to the direwolf making them the perfect hunting team and true to natural history and Norse lore. 


Natural History: Corvus Moriorum was a large Raven or crow native to the island of New Zealand. It was a large Bird that likely had much of the same characteristics of today's corvids that make them such intelligent survivors. Chatham raven was significantly larger than the New Zealand raven, and probably the world's fourth- or fifth-largest passerine. They had long, broad bills that were not as arched as those of some of the Hawaiian crows (C. hawaiiensis). Presumably, they were black all over like all their close relatives. There do not seem to be recorded oral traditions of this sub-species – most of the Moriori people, after whom this sub-species was named, were eventually killed or enslaved by Māori explorers, and little of their natural history knowledge has been preserved. Thus, it cannot be completely ruled out that like some congeners they had partially white or grey plumage (see also Pied raven).

Remains of Chatham ravens are most common in coastal sites on the Chatham Islands. On the coast, it may have frequented the seal and penguin colonies or fed in the intertidal zone, as does the Tasmanian forest raven (C. tasmanicus). It may also have depended on fruit, like the New Caledonian crow (C. moneduloides), but it is difficult to understand why a fruit eater would have been most common in coastal forest and shrubland when fruit was distributed throughout the forest.


Habitat: These birds excel at surviving in most environments, but you can most often find them in snow and desert biomes in the same spawn area as the direwolf. 


Behavior: The Corvus Moriorum is curious on its own and will often stay just out of reach of a survivor. But the longer it's around you the more it calls it's flock and they quickly become greedy and can mob a survivor in a deadly frenzy if they have any edible, shiny, or other resources on thier person. So remember a single corvus is good, a group is bad. Perhaps that's why a group is called a murder? One exception to this is if you are riding a direwolf which they tend to see as a simbiotic hunter they can steal food scraps from.


Taming: The Giant Raven is a passive tame. You must be riding a direwolf and you tame it using the resource you wish to collect. Be aware that if you aren't on a direwolf the Ravens will slowly group together. They are tamed by having prime meat, prime fish which is there second preferred food after kibble or kibble in the inventory of the direwolf. You do not have to be riding it so you can have a pack of wolves to help you tame. Remember the wolves will eat the ranking food as well so have extras.Be sure the wolves are on passive or the Raven will act as though neutral and start attacking if bit, Wich will also reset the taking progress. When there are 3 or more they start getting aggressive like compys. And like compys they get a pack boost but they have to call out like a wolf does first. The pack boost also increases the amount they harvest, Wich means if you jump on a direwolf to escape more of the taming food will be consumed. The amount taken by a raven will not increase taming effectiveness. 


Pvp Utility: The Raven is useful as a shoulder guardian but really shines when used in a flock as they get a pack boost to damage and defense. It benefits a survivor to ride a direwolf since direwolves work as feeding through for them. Having meat or kibble in the direwolves inventory also gives them the same heal effect as a argentavis eating a corpse. The alpha direwolf howl will call the ravens back even when attacking a target, and ravens around the direwolves share the healing effect with them much like a daedeon. 


PvE Utility: The Giant Raven is a extremely useful gathering companion. When flying on follow they gather resources and items around them. They can gather from plants, enemies, containers and bodies living or dead. They can't gather from resources such as rocks and crystals. This behavior utilizes the direwolf again. The wolf is where the resources and items are deposited much like a giant turtle or sand from a sandstorm. Note that they have to be on follow to a direwolf, and so entire passive gathering farms can be utilized this way! You can choose if they gather items and/or resources just by choosing in the radial wheel.


Breeding: Ravens will only eat from direwolves. This works much like a maewing but only for Ravens. Babies, juveniles, and adolescent ravens are included in this. For this reason it's essential to have the direwolf around. Being a intelligent and bigger species of bird means they are one of the longer shoulder pets to raise. Melle and health are valuable stats for both Pvp and PvE use. 


Color and looks: Corvus Moriorum is shoulder pet sized but looks like one of the biggest shoulder pets. They are patterned much like a magpie but have a tendency to be actual black and dino albino most commonly. They have a adorable pet interaction that causes them to do their call and start a pack boost. 20230114_112831_0000.png.2d533ef6996fcb59a97e0370a61c541f.png

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