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Antarctotrechus Balli Bastion beetle



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This is pretty much the same ol Bastion beetle we know and love. 

the original idea will be posted below as well as my take on the bastion beetle. In the end I don't thing the abilities will make its true identity since we know wild card will change it up to their liking.

My Suggestion

The bastion beetle is a neutral creature. The bastion beetle can be found in the Scotland biome or the meadows biome.85ib5r6bfu641.png?width=960&crop=smart&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=83b2aebe06a3d5c2105636129b2b9de183272037
(Image taken by Lord_Folan)
(Please correct me if I am wrong, but from what I understand Antarctica wasn't a cold desert wastland when Antarctotrechus Balli lived). They have natural armor, making it pretty much a walking tank. The only way to tame a bastion beetle is to find its nest of grubs. You must then passive feed the grubs.
In this case we could possibly switch coffee grounds with Long grass seeds. 
Feeding them will not be a easy task though. You have really tanky parents protecting their young. If you go near their nests they will get enraged and try and kill you. During this state they deal more damage. Imagine trying to fight a walking tank, that doesnt sound too fun. To make sure the adults are dealt with you can either bring a arthroplura or you can throw oil jars at them. Arthroplura spit shreds their armor and makes them more tolerable to deal with. The beetles don't really like oil too much. Some well placed oil jars will for sure keep them at bay for a minute or two. 

Bastion Beetles abilities

Bastion beetles are quite fast predators. Once they start charging at you, it will be hard for them to stop. (I read one article saying they were probably a fast runner, I think it would be funny, scary and cool seeing a giant beetle charging at you). If the charge is done by a male beetle and hits you, it will impale you causing bleed damage for a short time and slow you down. If the charge is done by a female beetle then you may be fine assuming no other beetles are charging at you that is. The female beetle will stun you or your creature (Up to rex tier). They can even fly albeit not very fast. 

The beetles have a powerful bite (Both males and females). This bone crushing bite will most likely prevent you from running away if it gets a hold of you. (They do not bleed, just cause slowness) 

The females can carry creatures while flying. The Males can actually carry koed creatures while walking to a better area. The creatures they can carry up to can be as big as a trike.

I honestly do like the custom saddle idea, but I would say the female would be the one getting any of the offensive gear. I feel like the males horn would get in the way too much, thus making it difficult to weaponize. 
Male saddle could look like this.Geekscape of the Day on Twitter: "The Children of Clan Borboga Artist:  Alexander Nanitchkov Visit: https://t.co/P6gSKIe0Vf #fantasy #scifi #alien  #world #magic #giant #insect #children #warriors #gsotd2018 See over 1400  fully sourced images:

I think it would also be cute if the beetles had some little fuzz like this. Just a personal opinion. These are ideas me and some others have came up with. 
How to Take Care of Rhinoceros Beetles (Kabutomushi) | Wander Tokyo

Original suggestion 

Of neutral temperament, with its almost 4 meters long by 2 meters high and 3 meters in diameter, this creature can be found in the redwoods biome. Its domestication will be passive looking for its larvae in the big redwoods tree of the map, (you will find them in different sizes like the kairuku) but be careful that in their larval state they secrete a substance that attracts ants using them as their guardians, and not only that, if there is an adult bastion nearby it will not hesitate to attack you because for the bastion the larvae are the most important thing to protect in the big tree, and let's say that nobody wants to fall on top of the redwood tree. if you manage to evade the adults, offer tree sap to the larvae, funca wood, cactus, honey or vegetable cake for better taming.

once it is yours it will be the first creature as a baby that you can put on your shoulder immediately (only temporary because its growth will be slow) it will be an insect repellent, which will help you in caves and tame insects,

when it reaches its pupal stage it will ask you to give it attention and leave it in a wide space because at this stage it will start to grow a lot and at this stage you will see the sexual diformism. also once again I tell you partner, the bastion is the creature with the longest maturation time to be an adult, surpassing the time it takes with a giganotosaurus.

When it finally becomes a beetle, it will be able to eat fruit and meat, as well as use it unmounted and mounted.
You will be able to use it on land although somewhat slow but with an excellent weight reduction, water is its worst enemy, you already saw a non-aquatic beetle in the water? very clumsy and its wings get wet being impossible to fly, but in the air it will be one of the most maneuverable flyers since like the griffin it can fly backwards but in a better way, wherever you want your bastion to fly, there it will stay.

 General abilities: 
flapping: on the ground he will fling all small enemies around him by spreading his wings like the wyvern.
walk like god: Both can climb and stick to any kind of surface.
-reduction to ballistic damage 40%(except tek).
-30% weight reduction on everything
-radiation resistance.
- extra fire damage 30%.
- vulnerable to net projectile
- extra damage to tek turrets 20%

male's abilities: 
-brutal strength: he will be able to charge and throw enemies with his powerful chitin horn. 
-canelo hits: with his basic hits he will slightly push enemies away like the diplodocus but with additional damage.
-progressive damage: the longer it holds a creature, the more damage it will do.
-Duel: between males there will be a fighting system with its horns, the strongest one will defeat the other one by charging it. (perfect for tournaments)
male passive: 15% faster.

the bastion is a beetle that can carry more than 100 times its own weight, although the female is stronger than the male.

abilities of the female: 
-hard-biting: the female will have no horns but will have a pair of powerful jaws capable of taking small to medium-sized creatures (although she can also take large creatures with her jaws like a bulldozer she will be able to drag her victim as she grabs it.
-Rock-hard: the female will have extra damage resistance against carnivores.
female passives:
20% more energy.
The bastion.
Your mount will be manufactured in the fabricator, here gentlemen your bastion will become a war machine:


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8 hours ago, Saksak said:

Bro how many times does this need to be rejected, people don't want this, you cant keep trying to force it to work on every map that's why it will never win

Dunno why you think it is forced. This is a creature vote. You can always choose to ignore this and vote for something you actually like. This has kept coming back and made it into every top 10( Besides lost island) because people actually want it. It is no different from Nothisaurus, gorg, Bison, gigaraptor, otter, ect. Literally a crap ton of creatures come back on repeat. I can respect you do not like the idea of bastion beetle being in ark and you are always free to ignore the submissions you dislike, but please don't put pointless untrue comments out like this. Honestly sick of seeing hate on every post from a COMMUNITY chosen vote that is suppose to actually bring us together and interact in a healthy way.

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4 hours ago, MockOx said:

The Beetle really needs to be retired. We just got a meta defying 100x larger than IRL specimens bug. we really dont need another. plus the Ragnarok map doesn't really fit the bastion beetle. with Ragnarok being very viking themed with mythical griffins and wyverns a big beetle would just be a weird installation.


but thats just my opinion


I dont think ANY ideas need to retire tbh. There are several ideas that keep coming back. If you dont like the bug then that is respectable, but it is pretty hypocritical of everyone saying this just for the beetle. I can almost guarantee it is only because syntac said something about it. Another thing is that this is a FANTASY game in the end of the day. Don't know if you realize, but nothing in this game caters to realism. That is why we got a bug 1000x bigger, that is why we have huge gigas, and that is why we have lionfish lions in this game. Can respect your opinion may be that it doesn't fit well in rag though. I personally think it would be a great addition to rag, and a couple others clearly do as well. I wont be trying to suggest this into aberration because that is a clear map that it doesnt fit on ( And honestly hoping they make aberration a fantasy creature vote). If I could suggest a full on mythical creature for rag, I honestly would. In fact, imo none of the top 10 (Besides Nothosaurus) fits in rag. They mainly come back to the top 10 because it is clear people want a giant bison, or a super fast cheetah in the game. I am all for that. This is a community vote in the end and I am glad none of those suggestions were ever retired. I have been a big fan of the bastion beetle since it got suggested so I will keep bringing it back to most votes (Besides aberration sadly). Pretty much what I am saying is try not to be a hypocrite just because you dont like a suggestion. Nearly all the top 10 creatures have came back over and over again. Just look at the suggestion, decide you dont like it, and move on really. In the end your opinion is respectable non the less. 

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Posted (edited)
43 minutes ago, GP said:

It is, I guess maybe the OP doesn't realise that.

I in fact do. As I said, this was the original idea of the bastion beetle. Well from what I could find of it. That is what was posted. I tried to stick with the original since I personally liked the original. Since it might have been a misunderstanding though, I went ahead and changed the wording for it for a biome I think it would fit great in.

(On a totally side related note, was that pfp taken in game? doesn't look bad ngl.)

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