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GIGANTORAPTOR HAS WON! Thanks to everyone for the whopping support, I can't wait to see my big old bird child in ASA! All I need is for it to stay fluffy! Hopefully a large portion of mechanics can translate over too, if WC can find a way to balance them correctly. Yes, semi-automatic imprinting is strong, but I never liked the idea of turning a video game into a chore.
The Battle Nanny is back! Seeing as the concept was so well liked last time the creature contest was around, why not try my hand at bringing it back!

Gigantoraptor would be a breeder's best friend, offering an improvement for play no matter the gamemode! With wild dino babies, breeding management QOL and various other features coming to ASA, the addition of this creature could really improve the lives of so many dedicated breeders!

Again, not all mechanics are guaranteed, however, WC seems to preserve general vibes of the creatures submitted to these contests, and given how even Rhynio shares mechanics with its fan concept, I don't think it's too outlandish to see G-raptor share some too! I feel I've done my best to balance the creature through rigorous feedback to fit both PvP and PvE play!

Lots of the previous contest winners have been all about combat and damage, and while I love me a good, dirty carnivore, it'd be nice to see the focus shift onto a more utility focused omnivore!

Table of Contents
1. Artwork
2. Dossier Text
3. Potential Base Stats and Spawning
4. Taming

   - OSD Styled Nest Defence
   - Egg Steal

5. Abilities and Controls
   - Controls
   - Abilities
   - Gigantoraptor's Imprinting
   - Saddle

6. Supplementary Links



MASSIVE THANK YOU to ZCI5250 for creating a fully fledged dossier for Gigantoraptor! ZCI is an incredible artist and an even more incredible friend, and I'm beyond happy to see how much the community is enjoying my submission in this contest! Hopefully this time we'll get to see Gigantoraptor come to ASA!


I'll be putting my original concept art in the Supplementary Links. My concept is still near and dear to my heart, so it'll still be on this post, as it's what got me to where I am as an artist today, and sparked my passion for ARK modding and creature design!



Gigantoraptor would join the Yutyrannus, being a fully feathered medium-large theropod! It would also have dramatic sexual dimorphism, males sporting huge display feathers on their shoulders and elaborate patterns on their tail fans. This would make it really stand out among the other theropods in the game, bringing something new to a group of dinosaurs usually shown as mostly scaly, combat oriented creatures in ARK. Yes, this creature has combat prowess, but it's far from your usual bruiser/chomper you're used to seeing in ARK, it's a fully fledged battle "bird"! With the graphical and technical upgrades we could expect from ASA in UE5, a large, fully feathered creature like Gigantoraptor would look incredible! I'd love to see how detailed and dynamic feathering would look with improved textures. Could you imagine seeing the weight of its big coat of feathers as this giant stomps around?

Interestingly enough, there actually aren't any other dinosaurs (I mean the grouping, not creatures in general) in the game that would share the "omnivore" diet with Gigantoraptor! So I guess it's kinda unique in what it eats too!

Its colour palette is based off of the Forest Red Tailed Black Cockatoo! This Australian species of cockatoo is found nowhere else, and while it definitely fits a desert theme, both the cassowary and cockatoo inspirations of the creature would fit perfectly into the redwoods as well!


Common Name : Gigantoraptor
Species : Gigantoraptor regalimaia
Time : Late Cretaceous
Diet : Omnivore
Temperament : Loyal

Gigantoraptor is quite the peculiar theropod. With formidable claws and strong kicking legs, this Allosaurus sized theropod almost appears like an apex predator. However, in most cases, this doting parent is never seen far from its mate and clutch of eggs. Their bond seems to run far deeper than any other species I’ve observed, as whenever they perceive their brood to be in danger, it manifests into a rush of adrenaline colloquially dubbed “Mother’s Fury”. This allows them to grapple with threats far larger than other animals their size! I guess there’s nothing more powerful than a mother’s love!

Short of the incredibly dangerous task of stealing an egg from the nest, it seems the best way to gain the trust of these parents is to lend a hand! Nesting individuals tend to get quite hungry, spending so much energy protecting their brood, so will happily accept food from humans. However, predators will take their chance to steal an egg while they eat. One must defend the nest from these pesky foes, but once these are dispelled, your efforts will be rewarded! Both parents will happily follow you home, trusting someone who cares just as much about their young.

Gigantoraptor make for the perfect nursery aid, as their naturally protective nature extends to any egg or newborn, even of vastly different species! I’ve even noticed them playing with all manner of babies, imprinting them with the scent of their owners!  Some tribes go so far as utilising teams of Procoptodon to carry babies into the battlefield to power up their Gigantoraptors, activating a “Mother’s Fury” to turn the tide of battle!


Potential Base Stats and Spawning
Health: 750
Stamina: 275
Oxygen: 150
Food: 3000
Weight: 380
Melee Damage: See "Abilities and Controls" section for base damage values
Torpidity: 950

Gigantoraptor would always spawn in mate boosted pairs, with both individuals being the same level. One member of the pair would randomly be assigned to sit on top of a nest structure, while the other moves freely about nearby. Ragnarok offers a variety of habitats that Gigantoraptor would fit right into, lush canyons, dense redwoods and the desert oases would all be prime locations for these protective parents to live!


Gigantoraptor has two taming methods, each offering its own advantages and disadvantages:
- Mostly conventional egg steal (boooring!)
- OSD styled nest defence!

OSD Style Nest Defence:
This unique taming method would require you to offer a meal to the hungry parent sitting on the nest. This part of the taming method would function like a conventional passive tame. The foods that Gigantoraptor would accept, in order of preference, are Superior Kibble, Raw Mutton, Raw Prime Meat, Crops, etc etc., though I could see it requiring Exceptional kibble given its powerful abilities. Being a small survivor, you're able to approach the nest on foot, as the doting parents don't see you as a threat... however don't run right in! Rushing towards the nest might aggravate the parents, so calmly walk up to the nesting individual to avoid spooking them, and feed them to start the taming process.


While you are passive taming the parent, pesky predators will start to appear. Small creatures like Oviraptors, Troodons and Dilos will frequently be appearing (spawning in) to try to break into the nest and steal the eggs inside. Similar to Megachelon taming, you'll have to dispatch of these predators before they get a chance to attack the nest! Rarely, comparatively larger predators like Raptors, Titanoboa or even Carnos may appear to try their luck! Thankfully, the mate of the seated Gigantoraptor will assist you in battling these creatures, becoming temporarily allied to you for a time much like Carchar taming! Dispatch of the thieves attacking the nest with new your bird-like friend to complete the taming!

However, be careful not to let the seated Gigantoraptor take too much damage! The damage from these predators won't only ruin your taming effectiveness, but can cause the mother and father will turn on you. The distraction of food took their attention away from its nest for too long, and they don't take kindly to anything threatening their babies!


The advantage of such a difficult taming method is that, after all is said and done, you'll be getting two tamed Gigantoraptor! Both individuals will become tamed to you after you successfully protect the seated Gigantoraptor, giving you instant access to a (hopefully) well statted breeding pair! The nest will be destroyed after successful taming in this way though, so you won't get the egg.*

With the AI improvements coming to wild dinos in ASA, I feel like this style of taming will be both more enjoyable and more rewarding. It'll really feel like you're fighting alongside a wild beast to earn its trust!

Egg Steal:
Unlike most other egg steal tames, Gigantoraptor eggs are not found in the overworld. Instead, they must be directly looted from the nest structure, like looting a beaver dam. This will force the player to have to remain stationary and make stealing the egg much more risky! In addition, these angry parents will stop at nothing to see you dead, staying aggressive even after they've killed you!

This unique egg mechanic is to prevent the egg from simply being taken after taming the parents OSD style.

*For handwavy lore reasons, this nest is a bit of a shrodinger's nest. Why would such devoted parents leave behind their baby to follow this human? Obviously it's because there wasn't actually an egg in the nest yet, this couple only just got their roots down. At least that's how I'd explain this balancing in non-game-mechanic terms. As another option, it could make more sense if the mate pair awarded you with a single egg for your efforts, again this is up to WC's discretion.


Abilities and Controls
I've considered applications for both PvP and PvE play with the Gigantoraptor. While I have done my best to balance them for official play, please note these are only potential ideas, and the Gigantoraptor’s mechanics could always be balanced according to what WC sees fit.

Firstly, it would join the Maewing and Procoptodon as a valuable nursery aid, functioning like a blend of an Air Conditioner and the S+ Nanny*, incubating eggs dropped near it, feeding babies too young to eat from troughs and helping to imprint on growing dinosaurs by completing cuddle interval requests. Of course, it would require the relevant food and imprinting comfort foods for these respective actions. For example, if a baby asked for Prime Meat Jerky as comfort food, it would require Prime Meat Jerky to successfully raise imprinting percent.

In addition, both wild and tamed Gigantoraptor will receive a buff when near fertile eggs and babies (any growth stage from baby - adolescent) of all species, Mother’s Fury. This buff will increase their damage resistance and damage output by 20%, and increase their speed by 10% and decrease their stamina usage by 10%. Not only will this help in the defence of nurseries from enemy factions trying to kill or steal babies, but it could also synergise with Procoptodons! By bringing baby creatures into the battlefield, the Gigantoraptor could gain an increase to their combat abilities as long as there are living babies nearby! The reason for this outlandish concept/synergy is to reward interesting strategy/play and to give some use for all those breedjects... alongside continuing the running gag of how baby creatures are treated in ARK. We stomp on them for XP, sacrifice them to things like Troodons and Carchars to tame them, and mass murder them when they don't get that stat mutation we wanted. Bringing them onto the battlefield as "ammunition" for a giant cassowary nanny's signature ability is the least of the horrors! And with wild babies spawning in ASA, if you're lucky you may not even need to bring your own powerups, you'll find them wandering around nearby!

*An important thing to note here is, S+ and other similar mods could take time to update to ASA. This would mean people potentially wouldn't have access to the structures for a bit of time. Having a creature that, if the abilities were to come in the final concept, fills those roles would be highly useful and may even suit some people's playstyles more! Everyone benefits from not having to sit there and fulfill cuddle timers, it's not a skill based thing, just a massive time sink. The balance just comes in the fact that you'd still need to provide it with potentially every cuddle food option for your creatures, alongside more balance options touched on in the "Gigantoraptor's Imprinting" section.


In terms of controls:

  • Left Click : A double claw swipe. Hits twice for 30 base damage each swing. While slow-ish, its big AOE makes it great for dealing with larger targets or small groups! This can harvest meat.
  • Right Click : A powerful kick that deals heavy knockback. The lower the drag weight of the target is compared to the Gigantoraptor, the further it gets knocked back! 25 base damage. This attack can also be performed while jumping. For how the jumping kick could look, looking at how cassowaries kick things would be a good, but terrifying, reference!
  • C : A simple peck attack, that hits much faster than the claw swipe and is better suited to dealing with singular targets. 35 base damage. Harvests berries
  • Spacebar : Basic Jump
  • X : Roar/Taunt, the Gigantoraptor will flare its tail feathers and give a shrill cry. Purely cosmetic.

In terms of abilities:

  • Tamed Gigantoraptor can be told to sit via the radial menu. When sitting down, a short animation of digging a nest plays, and once seated it functions like an air conditioner and incubates eggs. (with the existence of the egg incubator and creatures like Dimetrodon, I feel like this mechanic will be a little bit less needed, and isn't as important if it doesn't make the cut were Gigantoraptor to win)
  • With its big fluffy coat of feathers, eggs aren't the only thing it can incubate... While riding a Gigantoraptor, you'll receive a moderate boost to your insulative stats! This will make it a useful transport mount that can defend you from the wildlife and the weather! Something like +200 Hyperthermal and Hypothermal seems reasonable to me (for reference the Basilosaurus gives a whopping +562 to both stats)
  • Seated Gigantoraptor are also able to imprint nearby dinos! See "Gigantoraptor's Imprinting" below for a more in depth look at the mechanics behind this game changing feature
  • Gigantoraptor are the only creature attentive enough to notice when a Maewing is swooping in to steal babies! Babies nearby a Gigantoraptor will be completely immune to being stolen by Maewings, offering some counterplay to the kidnapping marsupial/monotreme/hybrid thing! This will function as an anti-theft AOE around the creature. I've been told that people don't generally use the Maewing's theft ability, but it always felt odd that something so powerful as stealing someone's breedline had no real counterplay other than "build a wall" (that could be broken down).

Gigantoraptor's Imprinting:

Balancing the imprinting is quite a tough one! As I mentioned above, imprinting isn't skill based, just time consuming. The point of the mechanic on Gigantoraptor is to just make it so that people don't have to be wasting time watching their pixel dinosaurs when they could do other things. Breeding is one of those necessary, but highly laborious and monotonous activities people will have to do in game. I don't think it's fun or fair that you have to be waking up every few hours to log on just to hit "E" on your growing baby because you want those extra stats. A vanilla balanced version of the S+ Nanny would save people so much time, especially for people on official who won't have access to crossplatform mods!

However, automatic imprinting all the way to 100% would be very powerful, especially if you could fit a bunch of babies into the imprinting range. But, on the other hand, having the automatic imprint cap out at a certain percentage, even with lots of stat investment, nullifies the whole point of leaving one out there to do its job of imprinting if a player still needs to interact in some way (other than comfort food refuels). 

There's two options I can think of:

Something that could apply to both of these options is a limit on what Gigantoraptor can imprint, decided by level. Simply put, it can't imprint something that's higher level than it, meaning you're gonna have to mutate your feathered friend up alongside whatever mega beast you want to breed!

Option 1:
Imprinting would remain the same as the original concept. Gigantoraptor simply needs to be loaded up with comfort foods and the like, and will imprint all babies in its range to complete 100% imprint. Only limit is how many babies you can fit into its range of effect, and the amount of comfort food stored in its inventory (wants to cuddle/wants to walk would just be automatic).

Option 2:
Imprint quality could be capped by a "Imprinting Quality" stat, functioning either like Gacha's mutatable crafting skill, or Maewing's "tamed level up only" nursing range ability. This would mean that a growing baby would still require additional input from a player to achieve the 100% imprint, unless the Gigantoraptor in question had been sufficiently levelled up. I think the best course of action would be to have this be a tamed stat to level up, but to make it possible to reach 100% imprint by levelling up this stat. Maybe it requires 50 points pumped in, maybe all tamed levels, who knows. But having it have no way to fully imprint a creature makes it a lot less useful.

In terms of a cap to the amount of babies that Gigantoraptor could imprint at the same time, perhaps this could scale with the Imprint Quality stat, or even the level of the animal? One Gigantoraptor would have a certain number of babies that could be assigned to it to be imprinted. This could be something like 5-10 at base, but higher level/higher pumped Gigantoraptor are able to imprint more babies at once, incentivising the taming and levelling up of strong "imprinter" Gigantoraptor.

I have received feedback before that, at the end of the day, imprinting on unofficial just isn't an issue. However, as a potential idea for WC to expand on Gigantoraptor's imprinting abilities, what if it could provide bonuses to a creature after it grows up? The way I see imprinting, it's creatures feeling empowered fighting alongside the ones that raised them, which gives a boost to their will to fight. It could be interesting if grown dinos near the Gigantoraptor that raised them got an additional buff that boosted damage and damage resistance by 20% or so. Again this is just a potential idea, stacking another way to resist and deal damage on top of imprint and the Yuty roar could get a bit much, but could offer you more incentive to tame up a new feathered friend!

Hopefully these options provide enough of a framework for WC to make the decision on what would fit best in game, if the concept were to win in round 2!

In terms of saddle:
I wanted to avoid giving Gigantoraptor a baby carrying saddle like the Maewing to avoid overlapping niches too much, and encouraging synergistic play when using it in a combat setting. However, after some thought and feedback (editing a concept based on useful information? Preposterous!), I feel it would benefit the concept. Maewing won't be coming to ASA, according to the roadmap, until 2024, so one of the more useful breeding creatures would not be present for a very long time, so giving some baby carrying capacity to Gigantoraptor seems appropriate.

The saddle would also make using the "Mother's Fury" buff a little easier, as well as making it harder to steal a baby from under its watch (regardless of the maewing anti-theft aoe). To make it not completely invalidate the Maewing though, it would only be able to hold one baby, and won't be stealing any children any time soon!

This is, again, one of the many things in the submission that is up to WC's discretion. 



Supplementary Links

Size reference for real-world Gigantoraptor (the thing is huge!). Art by Gabriel N. U./@SerpenIllus


Originally planned Dave Melvin Gigantoraptor. Please note this only serves as a reference to previous concepts, and does not reflect what the final design would be:FeJLumJXEAId3Ur?format=jpg&name=4096x409

My own concept art for the creature:


Forest Red Tailed Cockatoo reference:Image_1_-_RTBC.9f09256.width-1600.a47b6d

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  • ashgcy changed the title to Gigantoraptor regalimaia - Return of the Nanny

I am not crazy! I know he swapped those numbers! I knew it was 1216. One after Magna Carta. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just - I just couldn't prove it. He - he covered his tracks, he got that idiot at the copy shop to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He's done worse. That billboard! Are you telling me that a man just happens to fall like that? No! He orchestrated it! Jimmy! He defecated through a sunroof! And I saved him! And I shouldn't have. I took him into my own firm! What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change! Ever since he was 9, always the same! Couldn't keep his hands out of the cash drawer! But not our Jimmy! Couldn't be precious Jimmy! Stealing them blind! And he gets to be a lawyer!? What a sick joke! I should've stopped him when I had the chance! And you - you have to stop him!

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9 hours ago, TyranntX said:

Oh look, it'd the creature that SHOULD have won last vote... yeah I'm still bitter about it so bite me... I've voting for it again

Fasola is pretty cool, but hopefully getting second last vote will improve the Gigantoraptor's chances! I'm feeling hopeful this vote, and I'm crossing my fingers that its mechanics will translate if it wins!

Even if the thing gets second again, we could have a Carchar rule where it gets added anyways too, so chances are (hopefully) good!

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33 minutes ago, Xbone said:

I think it would be just a tad more unique if the gigantoraptor held the babies in its arms rather than via a saddle (maybe only have the option available once its saddled for balance etc.) Would be cool to see since the thing has huge arms as it is.

That could be quite endearing! Only issue is that it would mean it's unable to use its claw attacks while getting Mother's Fury, which is where a lot of its power comes from.

Could be something to consider though! Really like the idea of unridden/unsaddled ones being able to do it to get a slight power boost

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Gigantoraptor hypnoplummis - The Hypnotic Dancer

Paleontological informations:

Gigantoraptor ("giant thief") is a genus of large oviraptorosaur dinosaur that lived in Asia during the Late Cretaceous period. It is known from the Iren Dabasu Formation of Inner Mongolia, where the first remains were found in 2005.

In-game history:

Possibly like Gorgonopsid, Koolasuchus and some other creatures, the Gigantoraptor should have been initially planned to be officially released in the game, however it ended up being discarded (or replaced by another creature).

Art by Dave Melvin:


My Ideas in the Game:


Common name: Gigantoraptor
Species: Gigantoraptor hypnoplummis
Time: Late Cretaceous
Diet: Carnivore
Temperament: Territorial


Gigantoraptor hypnoplummis is definitely a creature you don't want to dare meet on your way. Almost like a carnivorous counterpart of Therizinosaurus, this giant, relative of Oviraptor commands respect for the plains and deserts where it walks, both for its magnitude and for its beautiful iridescent feathers. If bothered, a Gigantoraptor will not hesitate to crush the attacker with its powerful legs and break its bones using a stout, curved beak. But if faced with a bigger threat, this big guy will show off its shiny feathers to confuse the predator, before sprinting away.


Few tribes I've seen have tamed a Gigantoraptor, unlike the small Oviraptor that is easily quenched with any egg, Gigantoraptors are more demanding and look for more challenging eggs for their taste. Survivors who risked feeding one of these told me that after gaining the trust of a Gigantoraptor, it exhibits a "dance" as if it saw the suitor as a challenger of its species. When their loyalty is achieved, Gigantoraptors become faithful combat companions and great mounts for long journeys, their feathers can cause different behaviors in wild creatures and their dancing ability has several purposes for the tribe and tame, in addition to being very funny!

In Practice:

Gigantoraptor is a large territorial carnivore (or egg-eater when wild), with a scale intermediate between a Yutyrannus and a Rex. They can be found in open plains and redwoods with some rarity, but are more abundant in desert regions, mainly in dunes. Its purpose is to become a territorial creature more feared than Therizinosaurus. It has a higher speed than a Rex, and can be compared to the speed of a Spino with Hydratation buff. They are usually spawn solitary, but in more common areas, 2 or 3 Gigantoraptors can be seen together.


The temperament of a Gigantoraptor is one of the main difficulties in its taming process, as it must be tamed passively. In order for a Gigantoraptor not to see him, the player must wear a full Ghillie Suit. Just as Moschops asks for a certain food to be tamed, the Gigantoraptor will ask for a certain FERTILIZED egg (must be fertilized) to have the player's trust (something similar to taming a Carcharodontosaurus, where you must feed it first, before starting to actual domestication). The following fertilized eggs can be ordered by Gigantoraptor, in order of increasing effectiveness: Golden Hesperornis egg Bronto egg, Yutyrannus egg, Spino egg, Rex egg, Quetzal egg, Carcharo egg, Giga egg and Wyvern egg(note: Carcharo and Giga eggs would have the same nutritional value. Wyvern eggs can be of any variant). The amount of fertilized eggs offered to gain a Gigantoraptor's trust will depend on its level (example: a level 5 Gigantoraptor can easily trust you by feeding it just once any of those eggs from the list above, which it. On the other hand a level 150 Gigantoraptor would need at least 3 Wyvern eggs to have its confidence, other eggs on the list that have a lower nutritional value, will have to be gathered in a larger quantity to feed it). Once the player gains the trust of a Gigantoraptor, it will change its territorial temperament to neutral, allowing the player to approach it more safely. Unlike the Carcharo, which requires you to mount it and fill its taming bar by killing wild creatures for a certain time limit, with the Gigantoraptor, instead of mounting it, it will start a kind of dance minigame.
When starting this minigame, the Gigantoraptor will start dancing and a bar will appear in the lower corner of the screen, similar to the bar of the Ready for War buff when a drummer player plays the war drums in the saddle of a Mammoth, but different from the bar of the Mammoth in that you need to adjust the timing of the beats, the Gigantoraptor bar you need to adjust the directions indicated by the arrows (up, down, left, right). On PC these arrows would be the keyboard keys indicated by the same directions, on PS5 and XBOX they would be the directional buttons on the left side of the DualShock. The arrows would appear in sequence every two seconds. As you and the Gigantoraptor dance, the taming bar just above will slowly fill up (to get a better idea of the Gigantoraptor dance, search for "Dinosaur Revolution - Gigantoraptor erlianensis screetime"). Regardless of whether the player hits or misses the directions of the arrows, the taming bar continues to fill up, however if the player keeps hitting multiple arrows in a row, the taming bar will fill up faster. If you get the directions wrong, only the effectiveness of the taming will be affected, decreasing by 0.5% for each mistakes or misseds.
ATTENTION! While the player and the Gigantoraptor are dancing together, you cannot exit this process until you finish it, both can be susceptible to possible attacks from other creatures (although most predators will not attack a Gigantoraptor, only aggressive carnivores larger than a Rex ) so it is recommended to clean the area where the Gigantoraptor is from any imminent danger or threat, before taming it and keeping one or more tamed creatures to protect you. Once the taming bar is completely full, congratulations, you've just tamed your Gigantoraptor!

Skills and Capabilities:

Left Click: Gigantoraptor will perform a strong peck.

Right Click: Gigantoraptor will attack with its claws. This attack is capable of penetrating the survivors' armor.

Ctrl + Space bar: Gigantoraptor will stomp consecutively. Stomps can knock enemies away.

Space bar: Gigantoraptor will raise its right leg and stomp heavily on a player or creature, pinning them to the ground and repeatedly pecking (this attack is similar to Raptor's takedown to immobilize small and medium-sized creatures). This stomp lasts for 10 seconds and can immobilize even large creatures (no bigger than a Carno).

Feather Hypnosis: By clicking the C button, Gigantoraptor will display feathers on its arms and tail that would vibrate in a pattern of iridescent colors in order to hypnotize nearby creatures. Types of hypnosis and more details below.

Calming Hypnosis: this hypnosis would cause a similar effect to Calming Essence from Pachyrhinosaurus, but much more effective. Calming Hypnosis would be able to calm even large creatures like Rex, Spino (would not affect creatures larger than a Magmasaur). It is an extremely useful ability, unlike Pachyrhino's Calming Essence which can have its effect cut if the player dismounts from it, Gigantoraptor's Calming Hypnosis would not have the same problem, so even if the player dismounts from his Gigantoraptor and approaches large aggressive creatures, they ignore you (unless attacked). You could also use it to calm Wyverns, Rock Drakes and Magmasaurs enraged by having their eggs stolen, making Gigantoraptor an excellent helper in egg theft. This hypnosis would calm all creatures near the Gigantoraptor for approximately 20 seconds (tamed creatures from enemy tribes would not be affected). The following creatures cannot be hypnotized by Gigantoraptor: Noglin, Bronto, Giga, Carcharo, Attack Drone, Defense Unit, Enforcer, Rock Elemental (Golen), Deathworm, Reapers, Titanosaur, Astrocetus, Megachelon, Summoner, Alpha Creatures (except Alpha Carno and Raptor), Corrupted Creatures, Brute Creatures, Titans and Bosses.

Allied Hypnosis: can be compared to Courage inducing roar from Yutyrannus to ally Wild Carnos temporarily, this hypnosis is able to hypnotize up to 6 creatures of the same species near Gigantoraptor (example, you can target the creature you want to hypnotize and automatically the other equals that are close would also ally), making them ally with you for 30 seconds (like Yutyrannus allies 3 Wild Carnos for 60 seconds , I think it's fair for Gigantoraptor to hypnotize twice as much, but cut the time in half). This hypnosis would only affect WILD CREATURES and no larger than Allosaurus (the only exception is wild Gigantoraptor).

Treacherous Hypnosis: Gigantoraptor could hypnotize tamed creatures of enemy tribes, causing them to turn against themselves and their riders. It would only affect ENEMY TAMED CREATURES (no bigger than an Allosaurus) and for 10 seconds, with a 15 second cooldown.

Revealing Hpnosis  Could be used to force cloaked/invisible (like Rock Drakes and Desmodus) or buried (Purlovia) creatures to reveal themselves.

Note: The types of hypnosis could be chosen from the options wheel. Fully aquatic creatures cannot be affected by either type of hypnosis. Survivors do not suffer from the hypnosis effects of a tamed Gigantoraptor, but can be affected by the simple hypnosis of a wild Gigantoraptor which will use this tactic if its health is too low and then flee. If hypnotized by a wild Gigantoraptor, the survivor's vision will be distorted into a hallucinogenic effect (similar to the fertile red mushroom spores clound effect in Aberration), you will be paralyzed without moving or reacting for 5 seconds until the hypnosis wears off.

Dance: By clicking the X button, Gigantoraptor could display some types of dances, each with its own choreography and effects.

Fire Dance: Gigantoraptor would do a dance that would increase the fire resistance of allied carnivorous creatures by 50% (making it a great support to face Flame Wyverns and especially the Boss Dragon).

Boost Dance: Like Lystrosaurus's XP boost buff, this Gigantoraptor dance would boost an XP boost on other tame ones by up to 3X more, picking up at a greater range but for less time than Lystro's.

Escape Dance: it would be a very fast dance and it would increase the speed of Gigantoraptor and allied creatures by 25%, so that they can flee from great dangers, for example a Giga. However depending on the threat area and the possible danger, it is advisable to go it alone with your Gigantoraptor.

Love Dance: Gigantoraptor would display a courtship dance that would affect creatures that are mating, speeding up the mating process (not the gestation or hatching process), plus babies would be 3X more likely to be born mutated (this may seem broken, but if we think that in Ark Mobile the Carnivore and Herbivore Pheromony apply the same effect on creatures that are mating and future babies that will be born, I think there could be an equivalent in conventional Ark).

Note: The types of dances could also be chosen from the options wheel. Gigantoraptor can perform all dances on its own, without needing a mounted rider, just by activating an option on the options wheel.

Saddle: because Gigantoraptor was thought of as a more desert creature, I think its saddle could be related to this environment. Some Ark creatures have saddles with a unique functionality (like the Smith Saddle from Argentavis and Castoroides), so I thought that the Gigantoraptor saddle could have a tent to protect the survivor from sandstorms and superheats.

Passive Skills: when mounted on a Gigantoraptor, the player will not have their vision blocked by sandstorms (the vision is completely clear), this combined with the Gigantoraptor's saddle makes it a great traveler of the deserts as his stamina is not drained during sandstorms.

Feel free to leave your suggestions and ideas, I would be very grateful if you could help me improve this concept of the creature. I would credit the users who helped me at the beginning, before the Dossier.

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Yh it helps to imprint creatures ,but we always had 100%imprinted creatures it's not that hard to get even to imprint a giga.Don't forget that we will get desmod coming with Fjordur.Maybe we can get creature for imprinting but it should have other abilities too like increasing growth rate or increasing mutation chance,

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5 minutes ago, ILikeReptiles said:

Yh it helps to imprint creatures ,but we always had 100%imprinted creatures it's not that hard to get even to imprint a giga.Don't forget that we will get desmod coming with Fjordur.Maybe we can get creature for imprinting but it should have other abilities too like increasing growth rate or increasing mutation chance,

Fjordur won't be for a while from what I remember though.

I understand it's really easy to imprint creatures, but the point is that it's hella time consuming and honestly quite ridiculous that you have to treat a video game like a full time job to do it. That's the whole point of the submission. You may have had 100% imprinted creatures, but with ASA being a fresh start it'll be nice to have something to help get the ball rolling for all manner of playstyles.

While a creature that increases growth rate or mutation chance would be nice, I feel like that goes over the line of balance for both PvP and PvE. The other functionality comes with the guarding and boss fight potential Gigantoraptor has. Also the fact that, while general vibe is preserved in mechanics, WC could end up changing things around to be more appropriate or incentivising for PvP. If you chuck a vote, it may end up getting an "increase growth rate aura".

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I enjoy this submission, somewhat because it reminds voters the suggestions aren't guaranteed (we've been in probably 4 votes already; you'd think people would get it by now. Sick and tired of people voting for submissions obviously pandering votes.) Also gives a good bit of variety for the creature, and having it actually be unique other than other submissions wanting a giant murder machine after receiving carcharo and rhynio, in an already extremely crowded role. In the previous vote, I preferred the moa over gigantoraptor for gigantoraptor being large theropod #11, but that's my only problem with it. Real contender right here. 

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4 hours ago, ILikeReptiles said:

Gigantoraptor is useless for pvp

I don't see why it's a problem for some creatures to be useful in one particular mode. Gigas and carcharos are damn near useless in PVE, apart from drops on Extinction and probably mini bosses on Fjordur. Wildcard is always going to try and balance the creature for both modes. 


It's way better than some of the other votes wanting a PVP behemoth, filling a very overcrowded role already. We already have giga, carcharo, rhynio, rex, spino, theri, mosa, tuso, titanosaurus, titans, astrocetus, basilisk, astrodelphis, shadowmane, stryder, reaper, magmasaur, rock golem, managarmr, mek, 11 different wyverns, and probably a few more. 

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5 hours ago, NerdyGremlin said:

I enjoy this submission, somewhat because it reminds voters the suggestions aren't guaranteed (we've been in probably 4 votes already; you'd think people would get it by now. Sick and tired of people voting for submissions obviously pandering votes.) Also gives a good bit of variety for the creature, and having it actually be unique other than other submissions wanting a giant murder machine after receiving carcharo and rhynio, in an already extremely crowded role. In the previous vote, I preferred the moa over gigantoraptor for gigantoraptor being large theropod #11, but that's my only problem with it. Real contender right here. 

Thanks! I know a lot of people dislike it purely because it's a theropod, but I've tried to make it a lot more distinct from literally every other theropod in game. We only have a few fully feathered dinosaurs in ARK, and I think with ASA's graphical upgrades, feathered creatures are going to look incredible.

When it comes to these votes, I personally try to go for well thought out ideas and mechanics over the family, because sometimes you can be pleasantly surprised by what is otherwise a "boring" family group. Tons of really cool prehistoric creatures, belonging to families already represented in ARK, that deserve the spotlight!

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There's a lot of good submissions I'm seeing in the top 10 once again this time around! Once again though, Gigantoraptor remains my #1 pick at the moment due to its many unique features. Everything about this creature really makes it stand out from the rest of Ark's roster. Here's to hoping my fellow raptor brethren can make it into ASA this time around!

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2 hours ago, Adgark said:

I love this concept, but I think that the eggs in the nest should be less top level than the fathers. For example, if the max dino lvl is 150, the max egg lvl should be 135. This, will encourage the people to do the nest defence.

Ooo, this is a great comment! I won't be changing it in the submission, but if G-raptor wins the vote, this could be an idea that WC uses when they check the comments!

I feel like getting an "easy" breed pair is enough incentive to do the nest defence, but I do love this idea!

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