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Community Crunch 364: Happy 8th Anniversary, Fasolasuchus Concept, and More!

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Enfin l'anniversaire des 8 ans sur ark survival evolved avec le rhyniognatha par contre dommage qu'il ont pas mis sur console(ps4,nintendo switch,Xbox one) j'espère que sa arrivera avec l'évent birthday dans les prochains jours de juin 2023(une semaine avant la sortie du dlc genesis part 1 sur nintendo switch lors d'une mise à jour)🤩😔🤔

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Posted (edited)

I see

  • Fixed an issue disconnecting

for both Microsoft and Sony versions, are PC users getting this patch too if it is related to the rhynio disconnection issues? Please test it, especially with Epic/EGS clients (both official and unofficial).


EDIT: 358.3 should be out for Epic, fixing DC timeout :3

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2 months since the news of the official servers closing down your plans for Ark's future and there is still no mention of the servers closing down in the Ark news section on the start screen. To make things worse you put news of the ASE Ultimate Survivor Edition!. Which costs £40 and in PS store it's advertised as 'online players of up to 70 players'. and no mention that online servers will close down either.  

It's shameful the way you go about things. Do you have any respect for your player base? 

In my opinion you are doing yourself no favors. I was considering upgrading to a PS5 and buying ASA so i could play official pve again. Something i was reluctant to do as in theory your stopping me playing a game and then selling the same game back to me.  

These past two months could of been a time to win back my trust by ensuring that people are informed whats happening in August. That would of  restored my faith in Wildcard. However, the way you have gone about things absolutely stinks and tells me a lot about your company. 

So i wont be investing any money to Arks future, i will just complete as many of the maps i can before official pve closes down and continue to feel sorry for the poor guys i see setting up new thatch bases with level 50 trikes etc who have no idea there stuff will just disappear in August.     



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7 hours ago, AtomikalDusky said:

As cool as the Rhyniognatha is, I'm kinda disappointed that the Final Content Update for ARK is just the Rhyniognatha, personally I was kinda hoping for like a Final TLC for some creatures or maybe making some creatures breedable just to end the game on a good note.

Yes, that's what I had hoped for. A really big fat update, with all kinds of bug fixes, new small improvements and not just such an overpowered beetle that is again better than any other animal on the maps...

But hope dies last and maybe there will be another update after all, because ASA is postponed.

I definitely try to be optimistic.


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9 hours ago, TyranntX said:

So the New bug can...


Shoot from the air, make super armor for itself, Move structures, Intimidate larger dinos, PICK UP REXES, AND it can SWIM? Yep, this thing's broken and it's not even a day old yet.



Also for the next vote can we PLEASE elect something that's not a carnivorous "Unga Bunga" thing?

By proposing a primate, I feel involved😅🤣

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There is so much more that should've been in a "Final Official Update".  QoL/TLC adjustments, making Holidays fully enabled by custom server settings so private servers can continue to host them, fixing so many blasted bugs.  Instead, we just get one huge bug as the last bit of content, which of course was not play-tested.


I will not be purchasing ASA, it should've been a free upgrade to ASE.  After Atlas was a disaster, I was already feeling bitter towards Snail games.  Now with ASE being not simply back-burned for ARK2, but totally dropped for a simple remake.  Screw Snail, and screw Wildcard for getting into bed with them.

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19 minutes ago, Vixhanna said:

Only problem I have with the new bug is that they aren't spawning often enough. My friends and I have only found 2 in two days, neither of which were female. We'd love to be able to try them out before August if we could find more.


Given the insane tool kit these things have, I'm not at all surprised about the rarity of this insect

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I've been a part of this community for a year now. And every time i look at the comments on the community crunch and the discord i am disappointed in how immature the community is. Stop holding onto the past. Official servers are gone forever there is nothing you can say to change that so just drop it. I agree that the pricing of ASA could do with a little refining but quit complaining about official it has been two months there not coming back. Have a bit of optimism. The future of ark is bright.  

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