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Community Crunch 363: Rhyniognatha Teaser, EVO Event, and More!


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Discover the Rhyniognatha, a super-sized creature with a set of unique abilities. From producing a quick-hardening resin to being capable of carrying large objects around your base, these versatile creatures provide an unparalleled enhancement to your tribe's defenses.



Download in full resolution

Check out the Rhyniognatha dossier for more information on its abilities!




Small Tribe Servers launched this week on Nintendo Switch. Small Tribe Servers are capped at 6 members per tribe with increased rates.  See below for a list of servers:






Here's the first look at ARK: Genesis Part 1 on Nintendo Switch!  With a strangely familiar companion, you must overcome the simulation’s rigorous tests. Only by fighting, building, taming, and exploring will you uncover the secrets behind this forbidding place.

The release date for ARK: Genesis Part 1 on Nintendo Switch is coming next week.  Stay tuned to the Nintendo Switch Twitter account!








Survivors on all platforms will be receiving an EVO Event! It will be active until Tuesday, May 30th.
All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

*Note that these bonuses are multiplicative of the game's standard 1x rates.

Official Servers: 2x XP, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval,2x hexagon
Small Tribe Servers: 4.5x XP, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 2x hexagon
ARKPocalypse: 5x XP, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 2x hexagon
Conquest: 5x XP, Harvesting, Taming and Breeding (imprint, maturation, hatch/gestation), 0.5x Mating Interval, 2x hexagon




Fan Art Gallery | Screenshot Gallery | Artist Feedback Form




Creator: Sypher Sam

Follow along or simply watch in awe as Sypher Sam builds this Elven player home!



Featherlight icon by DimensionXXIV



ARK - Moth by IsisMasshiro



A very large and happy chicken by ChevreLune



Jurassic West by UltraRaccoon



Peaceful by @Riinartist



Ragnarok by @WolfTek7



It's ok fellas, old bean got the cake. by @SrFritzofTARDIS





Basilisk by Sumi






Genesis by Streamline~



Enjoy your weekend!
Studio Wildcard

Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
Discord: discord.com/invite/playark
Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
Official Wiki: ark.wiki.gg


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Please give asap more info about official final worldsave: not only timings but also if the poor console players are included or not (and if yes what's their possibilities, we all know console RAM limitations!). A lot of us are planning and setting up private clusters to continue to play with friends encountered along all these years in the communities born around official servers.

Also a list of things you intend to fix is really appreciated. Please don't focus mainly on dupe/hack exploits, unofficial servers have their own active admins for such things and a huge portion (the majority?) also has password/invite players only.

Some things we would all like to see fixed: single player issues (anything could help), carcharo-giga 1:1 spawn weight multiplier (not 1:0.2 like is now!) , server leaks (not sure if intended but last version leaks a small and constant amount of memory? at least windows version), anything that can lower memory usage by player progress (structures and items manly).

Edited by darkradeon
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It's just sad how you can't stick to your own schedule. Really, really sad. Not unusual, but still sad.
(not even mentioning the problems that actively bother your PvP playerbase is also sad, or cowardly, or possibly both)

  • Final Content Update: In June for ARK’s 8th Anniversary, we’ll release ARK: Survival Evolved’s final content update, which includes the fan-voted Rhyniognatha!

Any news about the final content update we're supposed to get in June for the anniversary ? The anniversary that's on June 2nd in theory ? It's supposed to INCLUDE the Rhynio, not be entirely about it. Does it not bother you a little bit to be silent about a thing happening in a few days ?

You're really hard to like, sometimes.

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5 minutes ago, Vesdied said:

Just now noticing that WC are releasing more official servers for switch when they're about to be shut down? 

Are smalls an exception?

No, *the Switch platform is an exception*, because they aren't getting ASA, obviously. You can't honestly tell me you expect Switch to get ASA, right?

Are Ark players really this daft?

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6 minutes ago, Sparky16 said:

That is one BIG Boi! Love the saddle design! I see it can hold 2 people, if that is the case PLEASE don't make the passenger camera stuck in 1st POV. It's so broken, especially with the rock drake and griffin.  So please let the passenger move around in 3rd person pov.

Ah now look at what you've done ! If you want something that's not broken, they're gonna have to delay it :P


And even then, no guarantees.


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12 minutes ago, Dienstbier said:

Too bad, I had hoped for something pretty in Asa.
But next week is also a Friday... and maybe there is something to see/read on the anniversary?

Hopefully. But since they rarely (if ever ? at least I can't remember the last time it happened if it did) release things on a Friday night, it's still not a good sign for the anniversary update itself. Announcements are supposed to be ahead of time, not the day of. That's kinda what announcements are for XD 

Also I can't help but notice this present Community Crunch doesn't mention a release date at all. Much confidence, very trust.

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59 minutes ago, Cyberra said:

Give us breedable griffins. You're taking all our stuff from us in a few months, if you don't give console players access to the server saves, so why not let us play around with griffin breeding in the time we have left

Where did you see that the console ones could not save their officers on a local host?

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38 minutes ago, BruisingPikmin said:

No, *the Switch platform is an exception*, because they aren't getting ASA, obviously. You can't honestly tell me you expect Switch to get ASA, right?

Are Ark players really this daft?

Just the ones not paying attention or are to lazy to read. We already know Switch is already running the upgraded version of Ark on ue5, but it's not ASA. People seem to have forgotten that already. It's graphics are severely downgraded for the switch. That was actually the free upgrade we were gonna get  (just with the graphical limitation removed). I hope for good things for the switch version and even more awesome stuff for when ASA hits! In the mean time, BIG NIGHTMARE BUG! Lets see how long it will take before if gets a nerfed or someone finds an exploit to it XD <3333

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Cool bug, but no news on things like ASA, official servers, fixing ASE as a whole, the players banned from conquest servers, and nothing more than concept art for your sequel is keeping the bad light that’s been shining on both wildcard and snail for months now. I’ve stopped playing since you announced that the free engine update (a standard in the industry, mind you) was now a paid bundle for an unfinished product, and it doesn’t look like I’ll even be returning for the new creature. It’s not even worth it to play anymore. 

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1 hour ago, slejo said:

I have done goodbye video here on Youtube: You can search by typing "Im Out! Ascended without ASA".
Being here just for criousity. Best regards.

I don't see the point on doing this if you are a solo local host player only honestly. If you enjoyed solo local host game, nothing will change for you.

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