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Babies dieing on maewings

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Wyverns & Rock Drakes need wyvern milk & nameless venom respectively when they are babies, they can only eat meat after they are fully grown.  Rexes and shadowmanes should be just fine if you have enough meat in the maewing; double check that nursing mode is enabled in the radial menu, just in case there is some bug where it is showing milk but no nursing mode, and that the babies are within the maewing trough line.  

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This has happened to me several times.  I would say some of those were truely bugged situations.

But semi-recently I figured out that sometimes It was because there just wasn't enough food left for the time I was gone.  When I come back, the server checks how much food they needed to eat to account for the time since they were last rendered.  IF there isn't enough food for all of them to account for this.  All but 1 will probably die, and there will be food leftover because the ones that were short just were killed instead of feeding on the insufficient amount of food.  So the food is left behind making you think there was enough.

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