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Allow players to port dinos from their singleplayer world to official...



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Make it possible to upload tames from certain player worlds to official servers.

I know it sounds ridiculous but hear me out.

  • This would make player worlds more worthwhile (better player retention and completion).
  • It would give players more of a reason to populate official servers.(since that can help themselves with what they did in their own world)
  • it allows players to engage in PvP without losing everything(the main detractor of PvP)
  • Makes PvP have a bunch more "big dino fights"

Some caveats:

This player world would only ever be 'the island' or some small map with no real narrative and maybe small enough for no player tethering. The gather and tame rates would be the official rates. And very few of the roster of dinos would be available in this world. no wyverns, no dlc dinos, no mammoths or mantis or whatever wildcard chooses. 

And the max wild tame levels would be reduced.

Those tames would only be available if you created a new character in a PvP or official server and upload those tames back to your single player world. Maybe you can disable mating for those dinos in the player world, idk. (also, maybe make players no longer able to transfer their character to other clusters? only tames. a fresh start of each new narrative but you can help yourself with tames)

Ideally, I think there would be a level cap on wild dinos in the players world. forcing them to create a new player on official servers for better/new dinos that they can then upload back to their player world.

This would make the game so much more about "dino collection" where I think it shines. Imagine having a staging base in Gen 2 to never run out of maewings. Pumping your dinos in the server to keep the base so that you can continue to tame and collect maewings that you send to other maps. For this reason, I think player transferring should be taken out, it would make choosing your first official map to expand to much more strategic. When you beat all the bosses on a map it gives access to those map specific engrams to every newly created survivor on each map.

It also allows newer player to establish a foothold in PvP official servers since there arent massive clans transferring across the cluster nuking new bases. 


There is plenty of play-room with this:


  • a level cap on wild dinos in the player's world. (Forces you to play in official servers if you want to get higher level tames)
  • a level requirement for certain dinos (give yourself Parasaur at level 30 on official/give yourself a rex at level 100)
  • a cap on the amount of dinos you can give yourself in official every week/month. I'm sure you can monetize that.
  • Assign a value to certain dinos/its level, and make a "foreign tames value cap" on each official server. 
  • maybe you can spend "hexagons" for more "foreign dino slots" or more "max value". (hexagons that you get from beating bosses in official or doing missions in official)


There are a million ways to play around. I feel like it would make the game less nerve wracking. Open more opportunities for more missions/more reason to do bosses.  Everyone would have the same start. There would be a place for builder types. Everyone would have access to PvP. It might even open a large market for selling high level/specially bred tames. 

It opens the game up for way more game modes by making the dino collection process more engaging and concrete. 


Pretty much, think of this 'player world' as a town builder mobile game. Except its 1st person and ark. You run around and build stuff for your friends to maybe see and tame cool animals and fight dinos. But you know to really get the cool tames, do missions, fight bosses, and start getting "hexagons" for skins/unique dinos/more value cap, you need to make a base in official. 

there are a million ways to take it. There could be no more player character transfers across clusters. It could be a new narrative for every map. Only able to send yourself tames. More gamemodes could be added as ark would be focused a lot more of dino/tame collection rather than everything being about survival. I mean the dinos are already pretty much pokemon, maybe make bosses separate events from official PvP servers? or make all official servers PvP? idk but above is the general idea. Please consider.


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