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Help needed to create a Tame Calculator for a school software dev project.

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Hello everyone! My name's Fidelity and currently I am studying software development for one of my Year 12 VCE subjects. (Senior year of highschool for the Americans out there)

The program I have chosen to create is a standalone ARK Guide/Wiki style application which will help new and returning users to play ARK, and overall have tools to help even current players.

Right now I am in the designing phase of my project however, as I'm still new to coding and using C# I was wondering if anyone here would have any idea of how to make an accurate Tame Calculator like the one found on Dododex. Below I have attached an unfinished concept of the Tame Calculator screen but you can see the overall idea of how to user will input variables in order to find how much food is needed, how long the tame will take and how much narcotics are needed.

For reference I am coding using WinForms (Yes I know it's old but that's what I'm familiar with) so if anyone has experience making their own calculator or knows how I can get individual dinosaur stats to make a math formula which I can code that would be absolutely amazing.

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys can help!


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I’m more familiar with python but for the calculator you could try something similar to this


using System;

namespace MyApplication
  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
      int x = 5;
      int y = 6;
      int sum = x + y;
      Console.WriteLine(sum); // Print the sum of x + y


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@RTGLoot Thanks for your reply.
I am familiar with the basics of C# coding. Was more wondering if there was some kind of formula that all tame calculators use to find how much food is needed, time for tame e.c.t For example if the user entered a Trike as their tame, lvl 150 with 1.5 taming speed and 1x food multiplier, how would my app use those numbers in order to calculate each result like how much food is needed, how long should you wait before you begin feeding it.

I believe all dinosaurs have different stats regarding how much food will effect their hunger stat, torpor e.c.t. I do know to do xml/csv reading into a C# program so is there possibly a list of dinosaur details with variables that I can use for my calculator?

Thanks for your help :)

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