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pvp [UK] MGU Official - OfflineRaidProtection - 3x

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Welcome to Moose Gaming UK forum page!

MGU aims to bring a community vibe that is serious about providing a competitive PvP environment that excites the player by having to watch your back at all times. Dino's & players provide a hostile place to survive, are you game enough?

With the official servers due to close in August, players are starting to look for alternatives. We are here to provide an official replacement using official settings with event rates to give a little extra boost. Our server is monitored daily for player & building abuse, support is also provided upon demand via discord. Lastly, we provide ORP, we understand that most of us have real life commitments and are not able to protect our bases & dino's 24.7

Our future vision is to provide a cluster of servers with all major maps, with your support we can achieve this.


- Ragnarok Map

-Official settings

- Offline Raid Protection (15mins)

- 3x gather, breeding, taming, xp

- Ticket support via discord.

- Friendly, responsive & committed staff.



Click Here




How to connect: Click Here


MGU is a long term, fair & responsable place for players of all types to compete. Our expectations from you the players is to respect each other and have fun.  Abuse of any kind is not tolerated and will be dealt with swiftly and firmly. IF you encounter any issues please do not hesitate to raise a ticket on discord.  

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