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These are some QoL Improvements I think could really set this new upgrade apart from the original since we are all paying for a brand new game. I believe you should have some focus on things like:




First has to be Fixing Meshing, Hit Detection, Hit Boxes, Longneck Rifle Reload and fixing other Glitches the community has been begging to be fixed for years. I don’t want to list them all because I know you have enough YouTube videos and posts full of them. I’m pretty sure you guys have them all listed already.

So I tried to think of some others I haven’t heard as many people mention but have heard demand for in the community or just thought they could help myself:


Please make sure all Taming Mechanics, Boss Battles, Caves, Orbital Drops, Element Veins & Genesis Missions (1&2) are tested, balanced and actually understandable, playable, and passable. Please not just good ideas on paper but great ideas in-game and all running properly. This is massively important. There are not many creatures that need to be rebalanced taming wise, but a few. Like Amargasaurus for example. Boss battles/caves (especially Tek cave) could use some minor tweaks. Orbital Drops & Element Veins are more just a suggestion for a double check on balancing between tribes and solo runs. But Genesis (1&2) Missions could definitely use a rework, rebalance, retest, and some of the more repetitive missions replaced altogether with ones that are more fun to complete.


Multiple Map Saves and 1 Back-Up Save on single player. 3 separate saves per map would be best but at least 2 separate saves per map. Allowing us to keep an original playthrough while being able to start over without losing past builds and progress. Plus One Back-Up Save of our current playthrough in case of a glitch that breaks our game or something so we have a save that we can roll back to. Keeping split screen couch-co-op is highly suggested also. As well as, if possible, to make the non-dedicated servers on our consoles run any better with its 4 player count. Anyway to use the Next Gen Hardware to make them a more viable option. Not increasing the player cap, just making the 4 player count run with no issues, no lag, and no no distance limitations between players.


Re-Arranging Console Choice Wheels like the whistle command wheels and creature option wheels on consoles, to have the options be easier directions of up, down, with left, right, etc. instead of mostly sideways/diagonal directions, (having options be more on the compass directions of: N, S, E, W, for majorly used options and NE, SE, etc. for secondary used options) allowing to be chosen quicker and just set up to be used more efficiently for controller joysticks and game pads. An example would be having “All Follow” as left and “Stop All” as right while switch “Follow One” to up and “Stop One” to down, etc. Making the most chosen options easier to choose quickly, and preventing accidents like hitting up make every tame you have placed perfectly all run toward you and have to be put back in place. Left or right would be less likely to be accidentally pushed in a hurry.




Adding a “Stack-Size” Server Setting that keeps the ratio of the original stack size (50 cooked meat, 100 raw meat, etc.) but allows us to multiply the stack size by: x2, x3, etc. allowing us to decrease them to x0.1 and raise them all the way up to x10 if we choose to play that way. I can understand the different sizes per item but we should be allowed to have a multiplier on at least unofficial and single player to give us more difficulty options to make the game harder or easier depending on the experience we want.


More understandable, balanced, and equaled out Baby Server Settings. More in depth descriptions on Individual server settings over all as well is much needed. But I’d like to have, say baby growth rate and imprint rate settings being equal. Where if I have growth rate at x3(3.0), and also have imprint rate at x3 or 3.0 or whatever I have growth rate on, I should be able to get 100% imprint on all Dinos, and so forth… So they are easier to use and understand. Because I for one could never find a good guide on those settings or ever find a good balance I was happy with in-game. Maybe I just need better explanations on them as I said. Just something to make the server settings more user friendly.


Basically making Altering Mutations in Dinos to not boost stats as drastically per mutation. So official servers can’t end up with an enormous power gap in stats between built up established tribes and newer tribe’s fresh tames. At least not as massive of one. This will help keep the one-shot-kill bullying down on official servers so newer players aren’t deterred from servers because of bigger already established tribes with unbeatable power gaps to their breeded tames. We still need to be allowed to make our Dinos stronger and add color mutations through breeding, just not as much of a gap between the best perfect-tamed Dinos, and the fully-mutated ones on official. Where it is still worth the effort but not as unbalanced for fresh players. At least on official. Being able to change the setting on single player and unofficial should still be possible but to make official a more fun experience it would help to decrease that power gap so new players can still have, at the very least, the possibility of escaping griefers.


An "Era" Server Setting to pick the Era for which creatures spawn in as an option. Some check boxes with “Carboniferous”, “Triassic”, “Jurassic”, etc. and only the creatures from the boxes we have checked would spawn in. Maybe an “All Eras” box to turn the setting off altogether, but unchecking it would highlight the other Era-Checkboxes, and which ever Eras are checked, only creatures from those Eras would spawn in. Could be used for everything from Educational to Role Playing purposes.




Split item size-classifications between small Physically Movable Structures like: small storage box, mortar & pestle, and other items that you could easily pick up, and separate them from the Physically Immovable Structures like: buildings (walls, foundations), the larger structures like smithies, forges, etc. that can’t just be readily picked up. Please allow us to pick up and move small objects with no time restrictions while keeping the larger structures as they are where they can’t be moved after a short time unless by another means like a creature ability. It just makes sense and would be a real QoL improvement. Pretty much just making the smaller structures operate like the wooden chair/bench or fish trap. But you can exclude the little firepit from the objects/small-structures list because it makes sense that you could not pick that back up.


New Building Options added along with Raising/Lowering Foundations like: Half Height Wall Sizes, Flipping Slopped Walls Upside-down, a Shorter Double-Door Gate-Entrance for Fences, and another Gate Size in-between the Double Door and the Dinosaur Gate.


The ability to Save Whole Bases (not items and appliances inside, just the connected building structures like walls, foundations, ceilings, etc.) as Blueprints that we can place and then build up a highlighted skeleton where ever it is correctly supported to be placable. Like newer survival games do with some of their building systems. Anybody in the tribe adding built walls, foundations, etc. that are needed until it is completed. Being able to save and trade base builds and make building more of a community project if they want to work that way. Still giving us the ability to be creative while being able to more freely share that creativity with others. Although making it only possible for the tribe leader, or specified tribe mate by the tribe leader (a gifted “Architect” title), to create and copy said blueprints. Maybe with a new Architecture Desk-Structure that copies whatever building it is built in. Creating a Blueprint out of whatever is connected to the foundation/ceiling that it is built on. (Not including zip lines in blueprint because that could make them much bigger than intended sometimes)


Adding in Placable Structures like Gather Pits (lumber pile, stone pit, thatch bin, oil tank, etc.) that we can access while on our gathering-mount and unload all of that particular resource with the click of a button to get back to gathering quicker and more efficiently. One thing I think this game makes you waste a lot of time with is gathering and storage management. If there were ways to streamline that process with options like this I think it would be widely appreciated. They would be like primitive versions of the Tek storage boxes that the Stryder can transfer resources to, but these would have to be traveled to, all be unique, and the resources transferred in manually, but keeping it as simple as a button click while on mount when you are in its range to unload all of that specific resource. With a very high storage limit for that one resource in the new structure. It would also give us more to build around our base for aesthetics and immersion. Especially if there were visual cues of resources being in them or not.


Being able to see a Glowing Outline of where Water Pipes & Electrical Wiring are in foundations and through walls. Blue for Piping and Yellow for Wiring. Making placements easier. A toggle option to have them snap inside and then slide side-to-side on walls and foundations, while seeing the glowing outline inside, would be great also. After pipes or wiring are placed they should be highlighted when you go to place more. To easily keep track of where out-of-sight piping/wiring are.


Better Ship Building Options made specifically for the raft. We all eventually try to turn them into giant ships anyway. The ability to improve on that would be awesome. Not Atlas level ships by any means. Just the ability to build better ships. Adding placable masts, sails, ropes, etc. would benefit also. Not necessary but the addition of floating-dock-foundations that connect and move with the water without needing a million pillars (foundation size version of the floating platforms that connect together and with floating platforms & regular foundations to anchor to land) that would be so useful as well.


Buildable Fish Tanks like the Vacuum Compartments but clearer to see through and reversed to fill up with water when piping is connected & irrigated. Being able to build it out cube by cube and stack them to make it deeper. Releasing fish from fish traps in it or aquatic creatures from cryopods if they space allows it to release them inside. Can be used as terrariums or baby nurseries when not putting water in also. Could be extremely interesting to add to our builds and see what people do with them. Choosing to have the top open or covered, and only being able to access the inside from the open top, or a hatch on the top when covered. Should also be able to add Vacuum Compartments as doors to the sides where wanted. Builder’s choice.


Paintable Wood/Stone/Metal Wall Patterns. Allowing us to put stock image visual patterns on our built walls with the necessary dyes available in inventory. You could do flowers and polka dots or whatever you would want to add with it, but my ideas on it would be things like Aztec & Egyptian style hieroglyphics. Pagoda Wall Paint Patterns, Viking Runes, Neanderthal Cave Paintings, etc. Giving our bases more of the aesthetic that we are going for with the build.


The ability to Grow More Crops like rare flower/mushroom, cactus, Aberration mushrooms, fungal wood, and maybe some new crops from other maps in our greenhouse if certain requirements are met to sustain them.


New Decorations for bases like new furniture pieces and mounted fish/more trophies to hang up, etc. A Larger Fire-Pit like a Bonfire option as well that makes charcoal faster.


A Large Surveillance Screen that can be placed on walls and connected to the surveillance system from Genesis if possible that allows us to see whichever camera we have it set to without having to go inside the terminal. Just a large live feed on the wall.


-Item Mechanics


We should be able to keep Milk and any Other Food or Ingredient in a Refrigerator… If we can’t for balancing reasons, please change the balance issue and not reality as we know it. Please lol. It just doesn’t make sense to have food products in a game with refrigerators that you can’t put them in.


Piggybacking of the refrigerator would be Adding New Foods for our Characters like Bread, Scrambled & Hard Boiled Eggs, Sausage, Biscuits, just having more cookable foods that make use of food ingredients we already have in the game, that could also give us unique special buffs and abilities, would really add a lot more to the game.

A similar suggestion is using the Trophies from Certain Creatures as Crafting Materials to incorporate them more into the game rather than just offerings to the bosses. Boa & Megalania Venom for example could be used as narcotic. Or an inferior alternative to narcotic, or even an intermediate between narcotic and bio-toxin. Either would make it more useful throughout the game. Raptor or Rex Claw necklaces that give our a character a buff of some kind and so on… I just feel there are a lot of trophies that could serve dual purposes in game beyond just merely being boss offerings. So many opportunities for those trophies to be a lot cooler and more useful.


Piggybacking off of that is a side idea to just add jewelry like Necklaces that we can Create out of the Trophies. They could be used for trade, give us buffs, or just look cool. Making them customizable by what trophies you use would make them even better. Even if we could only make necklaces. Adding a sauropod bone would turn them into bone beads, adding T-Rex arms or raptor claws would have the claw tips hanging from the bottom of the necklace, etc. or just having different color beads depending on what trophies are used to represent the bone, ivory, scale, or claw used or something. It could be a way to give our characters small buffs, be used as a in-server currency, or something to challenge a survivor to a contest of skill for. it’s not necessary. I just thought it was a fun idea I wanted to throw in.


We use small storage boxes at the moment, but having An Actual Mailbox we can put in front of our base that people can put notes in would be such a great feature. Having an animation of the little flag going up when something is deposited and only allowing the person who built and placed the mailbox to check the inventory and take everything out with the flag going down would be perfect.




If the Pathfinding is going to be so much better, then maybe having the ability to set a “Home” point for creatures and flyers to return to and land on command. Maybe with resources or just because you want them to head back while you continue on your way. The option to say “Go Home” and then them actually making it there would be a great option to have.


Setting Guard Routes for tamed creatures that they will follow passively or defend depending on their setting without wandering off of the route. Would be useful for so many different reasons from just base defense, to aesthetics, to setting scenes for videos.


Wild Creatures having Better Stalking AI. Reminiscent of the forest/sons of the forest. Investigating us for a second before they rush in, wolves circling survivors before they strike, sabercats creeping up slowly, dire bears doing mock charges. Any way mechanics like these can be implemented would be much welcomed where they would make sense in ARK’s gameplay.


Wild Creatures having some More Idle & Resting Animations, even drinking animations and giving wild creatures a thirst meter would vastly improve immersion in a playthrough. Being able to have a “lay down” or “sit” command for all our Tamed Creatures would do a lot for that as well.


Unclear how hard this would be to do, but it would be nice if there was a way you could Whistle Flyers to land and they land specifically where you are pointing your cursor when you whistle, instead of them choosing some random place. Even if it is a wall for the Tapejara or the ceiling for the Desmodus. Could be used to make Onyc land hanging from ceilings also. I know as of now it would be difficult to choose which creature lands where if there are multiple flyers in the air, etc. but if it was possible it would be a nice option.


Bosses having 3 Segments Added to their Health Bars (33%-66%-100%, etc.) That change the dynamic of the battle slightly accompanied with an animation from the boss representing a new phase of the battle being hit. This would add a lot to the experience of the boss battles. Also TLCing at least the original 3 Island Bosses animations and models would help. All the bosses, even Moder, could benefit from cleaned up AI, animations, mechanics, visuals, etc.


Finally, this is kind of QoL but more TLC. It is the ability to train the Oviraptor to only wander in a certain radius, while Collecting Eggs and maybe depositing them in a specific, egg-safe holding-bin or creature also. Would really fit in with the Oviraptor and would help tremendously, especially on single player, to have a breeding assistant with egg gathering that fits so well with the game itself.




I could keep going but I feel this has already gotten much too long.

Including a Legacy Dino TLC and New Content, with a lot of these QoL Improvements, could really Set AS:A apart from AS:E and make it truly feel like a more over-all polished version of the original game. As the community always felt it was intended to be.



Any Ideas the Community Has, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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