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Community Crunch 358: Community Creature Voting Opens!

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As a goodbye (i think) to Ark i have recently played some single player mode. And.. how to say. This game is so bugged and non balanced that i wonder why we still play this game?

Single player no balance

- Aberration Rockwell beta/alpha is not beatable (without cheats / commands)
- Genesis Master Controller is not beatable gamma/beta/alpha (without cheats / commands)
- Rockwell Prime - 5-10 FPS LAAGGY fight - non beatable without cheats / commands. Thers is more about Rockwell Prime - game bugged me twice just Rockwell creepy statue and nodes just disappeared. 

Other "little" bug.. game erased my character when i transfered once from Genesis to Aberration. Just crash with big amount of text prompted when HELENA movie appears in the beginning of Aberration. I had to recreate chacacter using commands.


And there was many, many, many other bugs/glithes that i remember from 2018 since i started to play Ark.

I dont believe ASA will be bug free, i think dozens of erors will come from bugged ASE. Many people will buy ASA just because we are addicted, it has very beautiful - perfect - visual game design, superb music and sounds. In the other hand its bad optimised, has many bugs and the franchise is very bad managed.


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I am disappointed every time I log onto 1845 Fjordur and there is either no one or 1 or 2 people logged on. However, I have gotten myself mentally ready for the "Upgraded" Ark. Starting over fresh will take the staleness away. Unless, we still have the issues with system errors. I expect there to be some, just not on the same level. 

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On 4/25/2023 at 1:46 PM, judethedude said:

Why can't wildcard just upgrade current servers into ue5 without shutting everything down? But I am a personal fan of all the creatures.

They can it's easy many people have proven this with less money and less of a team they're just being lazy and wanting a cash grab but in doing so they are going to ensure they're complete and total destruction there has been many people that have already written about this and have already done the statistics about it both in essay and in video form



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looks like no news update for april 28 2023. is it normal for WC to skip a week or more?
As for the dino vote...no offense but more dinos is not what any of us have asked for. especially not more of the same.
what we want is all the goodies, furniture, building textures, tools, appliances, food stuffs, vegetables, recipes, drinks...all of that AND more texture options for building pulled into Ark1. NOT another dino.
also if Ima pay for ASA and be happy doing it...I want my characters and their levels to transport over to the new ASA. not sure how that would be done as Im not a developer. but having to redo ALL those boss fights just to get past level 106 is a deal breaker.
Love YOU but...no.

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