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Server Phase-Out Announcement Part 2


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The time has come for us to phase out some Official Servers. 

The Phase Out process begins on April 18th at 10am EDT, and ends April 25th at 10am EDT. Players will have 7 days to transfer off of these servers. No new players will be able to join these servers, and all existing players will be given access to a Free Server Transfer Ticket in the in-game store. The Free Server Transfer Ticket allows for a free revival on each of your tame implants and has also been adjusted to allow your Element balance & Dungeon Keys to come with you (*You will not see the Element or Keys listed in your Server Transfer Ticket UI, but it will come with you so long as it is in your inventory when you upload the Ticket).

As a reminder, when transferring off of one of these servers, please make sure that the creature implants you decide to bring with you are from tames which are personally owned. Any implants from creatures not personally owned will revive as wild and incur the standard Amber revival cost. You must revive a personally owned creature implant on the new server to avoid the revival cost and maintain its tame status. The entire Server Transfer Ticket FAQ can be found here.


Servers being phased out:

  • Dyad - Duo   (PvP  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Cooking Pot    (PvP  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Flower    (PvP  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Writhing Swamps    (PvP  -  Hard  -  AS)
  • Redwood Forest    (PvE  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Weathertop    (PvXC  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Fria    (PVE  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Revival   (PVE  -  Medium  -  AS)
  • Sickle    (PVP  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Iguanodon    (PvXC  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Jungle Fever   (PvE  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Angler Bay    (PvE  -  Medium  -  AS)
  • Argentavis    (PvP  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Cnidaria Reef    (PvP  -  Medium  -  AS)
  • Enlightenment    (PvP  -  Medium  -  AS)
  • Gravestone    (PvP  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Tripwire    (PvP  -  Medium  -  AS)
  • Narcotic    (PvP  -  Easy  -  AS)
  • Greenhouse    (PvP  -  Medium  -  AS)
  • Trilobite    (PvP  -  Medium  -  AS)
  • Dyad - Duo    (PvP  -  Easy  -  EU)
  • Tyrannosaur    (PVP  -  Hard  -  EU)
  • Northeast Shores    (PvE  -  Easy  -  EU)
  • Flower    (PvP  -  Easy  -  EU)
  • Weathertop    (PvXC  -  Easy  -  EU)
  • Red Peak    (PvP  -  Medium  -  EU)
  • Tribute    (PvP  -  Easy  -  EU)
  • Fria    (PvE  -  Easy  -  EU)
  • Middle Chamber    (PvP  -  Easy  -  EU)
  • Crescent Island    (PvXC  -  Easy  -  EU)
  • Frozen Tooth    (PvP  -  Medium  -  NA)
  • The Reef    (PvE  -  Hard  -  NA)
  • Trike    (PvXC  -  Medium  -  NA)
  • Rockwell Manor    (PvE  -  Easy  -  NA)
  • Spyglass    (PvE  -  Medium  -  NA)
  • Longneck    (PvE  -  Easy  -  NA)
  • Gateway    (PvE  -  Easy  -  NA)
  • Gauntlet    (PvE  -  Hard  -  NA)
  • Ingot    (PvE  -  Easy  -  NA)
  • Craftsmen    (PVE  -  Medium  -  NA)
  • The Marsh    (PVP  -  Easy  -  NA)
  • Eastern Forest    (PvP  -  Easy  -  NA)
  • Nerva    (PvP  -  Medium  -  NA)
  • Hunter    (PvP  -  Easy  -  NA)
  • Honey    (PvE  -  Easy  -  NA)


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Ok, so those of us on effected servers lose everything we have worked for or spent a ton of money on except tames, premiums, elements and dungeon keys. 
The amount of time and money I have put into making my base means nothing. All of the good items I have traded for or gotten from monthly or special loot drops/gifts will be gone. How is this fair? I don’t have the blueprints for these items so I’m just screwed?

Also, please explain to me what the future plans are for the official servers. A little transparency would be nice, with the amount of money I have put into this game. Are the other official servers going to shut down eventually, too? How donI know that when I get moved and take months to rebuild what I have now you won’t say, “ Oh, sorry love, we are phasing this one out, too.” Please tell us what we can expect!
I may end up leaving the game and not returning for any of the new versions. I don’t have unlimited income, but I have spent a lot to play this game the way I want, over $1000 in less than 6 months. I started playing this game as a way to spend time with my family. But it has been an uphill battle all the way. First we had to deal with hackers and the giga drops, then the rollback bots, watching helplessly as hackers ransacked our base right in front of us or put down platforms and revived wild op gigas in our base to destroy us, Restarts every minute for days. Screenshot to no avail because y’all dropped support so you could concentrate on better things. We finally are able to defend ourselves agains hackers and giga droppers, now we are losing everything anyway. Please give us some hope that there is a way to keep our stuff and enjoy the game in some sort of mobile community setting. Single player is not much of an option, it’s boring playing alone. 

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I totally agree with how you feel - I feel Grove Street - WildCard Studios, has handled this poorly, affecting every Mobile Player, leaving us to fend against hackers, servers that are unplayable, ex. Poseidon, that stops responding anywhere from 10 secs to 10 minutes, leaving the server unplayable, not able to chronicle Dinos, save items in your inventory as well as not able to Claim Passholder Drops, removing all support, without any type of notice to the player base. Yet, Grove Street (WildCard Studios) continues to accept the monthly Pass Fees from the player base. 

Certain Official Mobile Servers Closing (being phased out) only delays 

The least they could do is:

1. Do Not Allow New Players to join the Phasing Out  servers for 30 days.

2.  Develop a tool to allow players to pack up and move to an Unofficial Servers of their choice. This is Doable!

3. Allow players 30 Days to complete their move. 

Grove Street (WildCard Studios) please act like a professional, responsible gaming developer.





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It is so unfair that we lose everything.  All of my ascendant armor and weapons have been from monthly loot drops or traded for, it sucks that we have to give them up. There should be more exceptions made to items that we can transfer, such as a set of armor, saddles, fabricators so that we can rebuild quickly. It’s not our fault the servers are being phased out so we shouldn’t be punished for it. 

Why can’t Wildcard just come straight out and tell us if the official servers will all be phased out? Will we have the option to transfer our survivors when the new relaunch comes out? So many questions and all we get are breadcrumbs to follow. 

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On 4/13/2023 at 8:38 PM, Valara said:

Poseidon, that stops responding anywhere from 10 secs to 10 minutes, leaving the server unplayable, not able to chronicle Dinos

I have been working on a workaround and managed to transfer to single player from massive. It has a low success rate 

1. Wait for server to kick you off 

2. Log back onto the server as soon an you can 

3. Prepare the tame to chronicle (if it takes you over 10 seconds skip to step 4 otherwise go to step 5)

4. Log off and on repeatedly till you get the server saving message in chat (restart the process after the server kicks you)

5. Wait for the server to kick you off

6. Log on and chronicle under 1 second

7. Repeatedly log off and on even if the server says saving 

8. After a day you can repeat the process for the next tame 

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On 6/11/2023 at 5:08 PM, Laocaloca said:

It's sad that they don't take care of the mobile players like with more updates etc... 


According to Community Crunch 355


We have some important news for Mobile Survivors! At the year's end, we anticipate a relaunch of ARK: Mobile as a completely revamped product. It will be based on a graphically improved version of the Switch codebase due to the increased power generally available with mobile devices and include new Switch features and content and mobile-specific changes. We plan to release all the expansion packs and non-cannon maps over time into this revamped version, and from that point onwards, ARK: Mobile will have its product lifecycle and roadmap.


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