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The Gigantophis's killer "Saurornitholestes"



Love the idea of the Gigantophis's in the game, but I would love to see a creature that gives this slithery tame a weakness, obviously asking for too creatures in one is alot to ask for but how about a prehistoric roadrunner?? 


Tracks we found in China of what is believed to be a prehistoric roadrunner I believe it's called the Saurornitholestes 


Anyway this creature would likely be in-between a raptor and a carno in size and would be the only smaller creature to be able to dodge the Gigantophis's attacks 


Being one of the fastest land mounts in the game the saurornitholestes could out maneuver the snake and be a viable form of fast transportation in the scorching sun 


This fast bird could also break the Gigantophis's hold on other creatures in a pvp application, having 1min cool down for the roadrunner and a 30s cool down for the Gigantophis's attack 


Possibly large enough for two riders?


Two riders would make it nice for fast transportation from base to base or base to battle field 


As this bird zips around,the air flowing over its body and onto the player could keep the rider/riders cool even on the hotest days

I just love the idea of the combo 

Archenemys if it were

Oh taming method, these birds love the shade from cliffs and likely spawn there, due to how observant these birds are your not likely to get anywhere near them without them running away... Unless you sneak up on them from above and bola them, not a knock out tame but something much like the equus just faster and more nerve-racking 


I don't take credit for this image btw I found it on Google 

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