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violent canadian goose Beishanlong - Scorched Canadian goose - Extremely violent



Beishanlong was a relative of Deinocheirus from the Early Cretaceous of China.

Now, what do Canadian geese have to do with this thing you wonder? Well, the idea for this critter is that it’s oddly extremely violent and can somehow scare away things much larger than it, like Yuty levels of fear. Now it doesn’t just cause fear and go on with its day, it is straight sadistic and will become stronger the more things it has caused fear, increasing its damage, attack speed and speed rates up to 50%.


It hasn’t gained its reputation for nothing, it can combo its attacks in a chain format with kicks, claw swipes, tail whips and biting. With combos it can build up a combo bar which when it is full it will bring out a fury of attacks, matched with its fear abilities it certainly is no joke. 

Though combos are great to use, specifically its kicks are great, it can build up speed like a dire bear or rhino and launch a full force kick to a creature, causing insane knock-back and a “winded debuff” which heavily increases stamina drain and will automatically set the creatures stamina to 0. 


Though I also have ideas on how it can be good for PvE, it’s saddle has two baskets used for carrying water, this baskets can be used to irrigate crops far away from any water source, which can be refilled at a well or any source of water, including rain. It also has an additional basket for vegetables, berries, etc, it can be set onto an “auto-farm pick up” mode where it will pick up anything that’s grown in crop plots, and keeps them from spoiling for longer.

Additionally if you want to keep pests away from your base, you can set up a perimeter around your base to mark its scent, this will keep away anything, but it will make enemy or wild Beishanlong’s angry, increasing their damage.


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