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Volgadraco was a genus of Azhdarchid Pterosaur from late cretaceous Russia. It was a close relative to the already implemented Quetzalcoatolus. Despite Volgadraco being smaller than Quetzalcoatolus, it is actually taller than a Quetz. Here's a dossier I drew and compiled.


Volgadraco fly long distances in search of watering holes and small creatures to eat. Volgadraco can use its massive beak to pick up and carry small dinosaurs and players. Volgadraco can drink directly from water veins and lakes, similar to the Cryolophosaurus from Ark Additions, and once they consume water they will convert it into oil, which can be used identically to normal oil.  Alternatively, the oil it extracts can be shot as a projectile from its mouth, the expelled oil will not only slow down its victims, but it will also be highly flammable, and can be ignited with a flaming arrow. weapons can be shot off the back of the mount because of this.

The creatures saddle has 2 oil tanks on the sides of it, used for extra oil storage. The oil it produces CAN spoil, similar to Basilosaurus oil, however when it is kept within the saddle it spoils at a much slower rate.

the Volgadraco is a passive tame, similar to the Desmondus. keep oil in your inventory and let it grab you in its beak, it will then drink the oil off of your character and begin taming. The amount of oil required depends on your servers rates.

Volgadraco Pictures & Facts - The Dinosaur Database

The real life version of Volgadraco


- Can drill for oil in water veins and lakes
- Can spit out flammable oil puddles

- Can slow down enemies with its oil spit, covering them in a flammable black tar
- Can pick up small creatures and players

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I am not good at English, so there may be some strange sentences. Excuse me.



This time, I would like to propose the pterosaur "Volgadraco". The Volgadrako lived in Russia during the Late Cretaceous. It was once thought to belong to the Azhdarchidae family, but is now believed to belong to the Pteranodontidae family.




In fact, it is said that the wingspan is about 4m, but if you add it to ARK, it should be a little larger.





Volgadraco spawn mostly in the Wasteland rather than the Desert. It is slightly larger than the Pteranodon.



Volgadracos are usually docile and do not attack when touched, but they will become angry and attack if accidentally attacked. At this time, if allies are nearby, they will also get angry and attack. However, when the temperature rises above 60°C, they become agitated and aggressive.However, if the temperature drops below -30°C, they will flee if attacked.






Volgadracos can be tamed, but cannot be fed normally. First, the temperature must be above 60°C. After that, it is possible to deliver food only when restrained by Bola. Volgadraco loves RegularKibble.



After taming


The Volgadraco can be mounted with a saddle and, of course, can fly. The types of materials that can be collected are the same as Pteranodon.



Left click : Bite


Basic attack power is slightly higher than Pteranodon.



Right Click : stab


The basic attack power is higher than the left click, and it can make the opponent bleed. Bleed strength is the same as Carnotaurus, with a small cooldown after attacking.



C key : search


By flapping its wings strongly, it emits sound waves and can read the bounced sound. By reading sounds, you can discover distant sources of water and identify Rock Elementals in disguise. Objects found are marked for player identification.



passive ability


Volgadraco's attack power and movement speed increase when the temperature is above 60°C.  However, if the temperature drops below -30°C, attack power and movement speed will decrease.



If you think this creature is attractive, please vote for it! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!


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Comparison with Pteranodon.




Bleeding intensity and method of bleeding.(Poor Dodo...)




How the Volga Draco Find Water and Rock Spirits.



Good and bad temperatures in the Volgadrako.



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I was actually thinking of having it be a similar size to the Quetzal, since a large azhdarchid like the Quetzal was honestly missed potential. It was originally actually supposed to be the Hatzegopteryx, but that was actually a long time requested creature and i wanted this one to be separate. I do like the ability to scan for water and hidden Rock Elementals/Purlovia. As for the peck attack, bleed is to be expected due to the sharpness of its beak. I do think the oil ability should be its main selling point, since there aren't really any good oil gatherers on the Ark yet. also thank you for drawing more concept art, the original one took me around 3 hours to start from scratch.

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