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Say hello to the most useful shoulder pet- Eomanis!


IRL Information________________________________________________________________

Eomanis ("dawn pangolin") is the earliest known true (and scaled) pangolin from extinct family Eomanidae (and extinct superfamily Eomanoidea) within suborder Eupholidota. It lived during the Eocene in Europe. Fossils collected from the Messel Pit, Germany, indicate that this 50 cm long animal was rather similar to living pangolins of the genus Manis, indicating that pangolins have remained largely unchanged in morphology and behavior for 50 million years. However, unlike modern pangolins, its tail and legs did not bear scales. According to the stomach contents of the excellently preserved Messel specimens, Eomanis’ diet consisted of both insects and plants.



Early game____________

  1. Mid chitin harvesting efficiency: Eomanis could be designed to be efficient at harvesting chitin in big quantities. This would make it a valuable asset in regions where chitin is abundant, such as caves or areas with large insect populations.
  2. Craftable cementing paste in Eomanis's inventory: Eomanis could have a unique ability to craft cementing paste directly in its inventory. This would save players the time and effort of having to gather the resources separately and craft them at a crafting station. The crafting speed will be the same as on the chemistry bench

  3. Sandstorm immunity: Eomanis could have a natural resistance to sandstorms, making the player and his rideable on land tame immune to the sandstorm event.

  4. Eomanis could have the ability to detect hidden water sources in the environment (just like ferox finds element dust) and refill any type of reservoir item, such as water skins or canteens, that are in his inventory. This would be particularly useful for players who are exploring the desert where water is scarce and difficult to find. It would also make Eomanis a valuable companion for long journeys through the wilderness.


Mid game_____________

  1. 50% weight reduction for all basic resources when on player's back and 80% reduction when on land or carried by other creatures: Eomanis could also be used as a backpack that reduces the weight of basic resources in its inventory. This would allow players to gather more resources before needing to return to their base, which can be especially helpful in the early game when resources are scarce.
  2. You can also easily access Eomanis' inventory within the R radial menu, just like with the Sinomacrops.
  3. The Eomanis can be carried by an Argentavis in his beak. This will allow the player to bring more resources back to their base thanks to Eomanis' weight reduction for all basic resources.
  4. Eomanis drops a new rare resource "Eomanis' Keratin Plates". Those plates can be used to efficently craft cementing paste: One plate= 200 chitin/keratin. This resource is also used for crafting a new chestpiece "Scale Mail of the Eomanis". This resource drops only when the Eomanis is killed with damge that he can returned back to the attacker, that means that when killed with fire, poison, explosives, or wyvern elemental attacks Eomanis will not drop the resource.
  5. Eomanis' long tongue can be used as a whip. This has all the uses of the regular in-game whip but with a longer range, dealing damage to all insect creatures and no stunning. The player can perform this attack with the "Clap" emote. 

Late game_____________

  1. Doubles armor durability when attached to the player's back: Eomanis could be designed to attach securely to the player's back as a shoulder pet. When picked up, Eomanis could double the durability of all armor tiers except the new chestpiece "Scale Mail of the Eomanis". This will allow the player to use their favorite armor for longer.iQY2ZqZ9w-c.jpg?size=1280x590&quality=95&sign=7219d8b9a75ffeea8f03ce8ab4a0fe89&type=album
  2. "Ricochet" is a passive buff for Eomanis. This acts somewhat like Kentro's ability but with a couple of twists: Thе buff is active on any Eomanis, be it wild or tame. It would cause a signifficant damage reduction, with 30% of the damage being returned back to the attacker. This buff can be shared with the player or any tame that the player can ride. Howewer, it is not fully active right away when Eomanis is picked by the player. The damage reduction portion of the buff is always active while wearing any type of armor. but the part with 30% damage return will be active only when the player wears a new chestpiece- "Scale Mail of the Eomanis".

  3. The "Ricochet" ability is especially useful in raids. This ability allows you to return damage to buildings, or rather metal turrets, allowing you to break them more efficiently.

  4. Eomanis' claws are a deadly weapon when used right. He is able to tear any armor to pieces, like paper.

  5. When thrown off the back Eomanis curls up, and if the player's aim is good enough, can cling to a enemy player for a couple of seconds like a Noglin, tearing the armor in the process. After that he will detach from the enemy player in his curled up appearance. Eomanis will remain in this form until a friendly player will approach to disable this form and pick it back up. Forms can be switched at any time whether the player is in combat or safe in his base.


Scale Mail of the Eomanis__________________________________________________________

Scale Mail of the Pangolin

This is a brand new chestpiece that is crafted from "Eomanis' Keratin Plates". The armor's stats are somewhere in between a chithin chestplate and flak chestpiece. This armor has an ineresting ability to repel small and medium agressive creatures when the player treavels on foot. The armor is especially useful for cave exploring. When in combination with an Eomanis the creature repel ability will be disabled in exchange of the rest of Eomanis' "Ricochet" buff. The Scale Mail of the Eomanis is not affected by the Eomanis which means that this armor's durability does not double.



  1. Eomanis cannot protect you from fire, poison, explosives, or wyvern elemental attacks.
  2. In raids, Eomanis can be somewhat countered by Plant Species Z Turrets. They won't deal full damage, but Eomanis won't be able to return the damage.
  3. Amargasaurus is the best counter for Eomanis. His armor-piercing spike disables all of Eomanis's abilities while inflicting pre-existing debuffs.
  4. Completly useless in boss battles.
  5. The player can't pick up the Eomanis when wearing the TEK cestpiece or any chestpiece with the glider wings attachment from Aberration.


To tame Eomanis, players will need to collect a significant number of armor sets, preferably of high quality, and have a significant amount of health for tanking Eomanis' attacks. They will then need to find and approach Eomani, who will initially be hostile and attempt to attack the player.

To begin the taming process, players will need to equip a full set of any armor tier and quality (The higher the quality and the tier the better. For example an apprentice set of riot armor would be the best choice for taming.) and let Eomani attack them. Eomanis can shred through any quality and tier of armor like butter thanks to his sharp claws, so the players will have to constantly replace damaged parts in order not to die and increase the taming efficiency.

However, as Eomanis attacks, he gradually becomes less hostile. Once Eomanis has destroyed a certain amount of armor pieces, he will become passive and approach the player, asking for a cuddle or for their favorite treat- сhitin.







All images used are not owned by me. The sources are written below:

  1. Image:  Google image search: Pangolin
  2. Image: Screenshot from a Youtube video. Video title: The 'Pangolin Men' Saving The World's Most Trafficked Mammal
  3. Image: Artwork on ArtStation by: Dungeon Strugglers
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Common Name: Pangolin


Species: Manis Enorma


Time: Holocene


Diet: Insectivore


Temperament: Docile


Wild: Panis Enorma is actually the most normal thing to come out of this God forbidden desert. That being said, it’s still a giant Pangolin that has a thirst for insect blood. Similar to Megatherium, these creatures only hunt insects, unlike Megatherium, however, they stick to only hunting the smaller insects. This adaptation caused their pheromones to be released upon killing insects differently, with the pheromones attracting creatures instead of causing them to go into a frenzy. Pangolin uses the pheromones to excite any predator stalking it, causing them to attack immediately and just as quickly fall to the Pangolin. The phenomenes also causes Pangolins to go at an increased speed.


Pangolins are killing machines, even for such a size. Their razor sharp claws and bulletproof spikes makes them impossible for small to medium size predators to even harm it. Even if it were to get overwhelmed, it can roll into a ball to make its already good defensive mechanism even better. If a predator were to get to frisky, the Pangolin can release a devastating claw counter attack with the correct timing.


Domesticated: Many tribes kill Pangolin for their high valued scale, but they’re missing out on a highly useful mount. Pangolins can climb up walls and are very good for fights. If it gets its pheromones built up, it can attract all creatures toward it without them attacking. The scent is so potent, that even tamed creatures will completely disown its trainer, to the point where it will kick its rider off their back and follow the scent. 




Wild Information: Pangolin will spawn near the obelisk in Scorched Earth and in the desert on other maps. They are around the size of a Parasaur. It will hunt insects


Taming Information: The Pangolin is a knockout tame that requires giant bee honey to tame. Their scales have armor, with their underbelly being unprotected


Creature abilities: 



-Has 60% damage reduction on it scales

-Gives its rider the Bee Protection Buff.

-Can pivot on its hind legs.

-Upon getting a insect kill it will receive the Fly Swatter Buff for 30 second


New Buff: Fly Swatter

Make Pangolin 80% faster, regenerate health quicker, and will have infinite stamina for 12 seconds.


First Ability, Swipe

Does a basic swipe attack that deals moderate damage, (around the same as Thorny Dragon)  and 30% armor piercing. Deals 40% more damage against wild insects. Will gather increased chitin, but not as much as the Megatherium.


Second Ability: Dig up

Swipes underneath ground. Deal the same damage as a normal swipe. Each time Pangolin digs up, there is a 15% chance it will kill an ant underground, giving it an insect kill. Pangolins can attack enemies underground and deal 50% more damage to them.


Third Ability: Curl

Pangolin will curl up into a ball, taking 90% less damage from all forms of damage, except explosions, and ignores armor piercing. While curled up, Pangolin can do a claw or tail stab that deals the same amount of damage as its normal swipe attack minus the armor piercing. However, if you manage to attack the same time that a melee attack hits, then you’ll parry the attack. Parrying means you’ll take zero damage from the attack, deal 100% more damage, knockback and stun the target. Pangolin cannot use this move if C4 is strapped to it. While balled up, it cannot be attacked by a turret. Pangolins cannot move while curled.


Fourth Ability: Climb

Will perform a climb, being able to move in all directions. Player is located in the underbelly.


Fifth Ability: Attract

Once enough small bugs are killed(around five), the pheromone will be able to be unleashed. The pheromone will cause all wild creatures and enemy creatures in a 10 foundation radius to follow the Mangolin and not attack for 25 seconds. If the target is a tamed creature, the target will ignore all whistle commands. Additionally, enemy creatures that are being ridden will knock off their survivor and will not be able to be ridden. If an enemy Pangolin or Pachyrhino uses their attract, then it will negate yours. Mechanical creatures will not be affected by this.


Other Information: 

Can breed and has normal breeding functions, with breeding/raising stats being similar to an Anky. Rider location is underneath its belly. Saddle is unlocked at Level 31. Can be picked by Argy and higher. Cannot be hit by a bola, but can be hit with a net. Weapons can be used on this creature.


Gameplay Uses: 


Pangolin will be an early-mid game mount that still has purpose in late games. While it's one of the harder medium creatures to tame, it's perfect for dealing with the PVE aspects of the game. Its natural armor and high damage will be perfect for any wild creature and it’s easy to traverse with because of its climbing. Its pheromone ability is mostly going to be used in PVP, with the current meta not having anything like it. It would be good for catching players off guarding and leading creatures to turrets and other dangerous threats.


Pangolin are just cool animals not a lot of people know about and thought it would be a cool addition. Its habits in real life are similar to anteater, where the closest thing in Ark is the Megatherium, so I wanted to make them similar to it, but different.


Pictures:(None of these images are my own.)





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Pangolin, Scorched Earth's Mobile Grinder

  1. Size: large
  2. Emits a similar effect of the lymantria by emitting the smell of poo to disorient and stun tames. 
  3. Curls up and rolls around like the dodic. 
  4. Because they do not have teeth even as a carnivore, while foraging they gather small stones to help them grind up ants.  The design of rolling around grinding up items and resources in a small circle would make this a mobile grinder. slower than the industrial grinder.
  5. Due to the protective scales, there would be no saddle, however there could be a pouch similar to the kangaroo to be picked up in and have the Pangolin roll around. 
  6. Tame-able by meat, but the best method would be chitin. 
  7. Bite attacks, claws, and becoming a wrecking ball by rolling around. 
  8. Able to destroy structures up to metal but not including metal by rolling into them. 
  9. Weight reduction to resources by 50%, metal ingots by 25%



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