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Torvosaurus the "Savage Lizard"



Common Name: Torvosaurus

Species: Torvosaurus gurneyi

Time: Late Jurassic

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive


 A bit larger than Allosaurus. Torvosaurus gurneyi is a large carnivorous dinosaur which roams the mountains of this desert attacking any thing that is unlucky enough to come across these creatures. Torvosaurus gurneyi are normally solitary animals except for mating seasons and females with their offspring, In fact Torvosaurus gurneyi are quite aggressive to their own species attacking when they enter each other's territory and the males will also kill off female's offspring as they see them as competition. In Fact Torvosaurus gurneyi is such an efficient predator due to the fact they has powerful jaws and a bite they will cause severe bleeding.


As an adult Torvosaurus gurneyi is to aggressive to be tamed so tribes have found another way to acquire this creature. I have been told by a group of merchants that they were able to take a Torvosaurus's egg and then hatch it to imprint on the baby so when it grows up it will be used to humans and their tames. After traveling with the Merchants for a few days to gain more information on the Torvosaurus I realized that the smaller carnivores such as sabertooths and raptors would steer clear of the Caravan due to the Torvosaurus. The Torvosaurus gurneyi is a great creature to have when traveling around the desert due to the fact they will scare off Smaller Carnivores and they can also hold their own in fight when needed.



Left Click Attack: This is a normal bite attack that deals a medium amount of damage

Right Click Attack: This a weaker bite that causes the gnash affliction

C Key: A roar

Passive Abilities:

10% Reduced weight on stone and metal

Any Smaller carnivore the comes close to the Torvosaurus will gain the fear status effect


The saddle would be unlocked at level 56


Additional Information



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