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Species: Styracosaurus Fortitudo

Wild: I have heard tales of the Styrachosaurus during my travels through the desert, and having encountered a heard of them in the wild I can safely say that the stories are all true. This ceratopsid, despite being smaller than Triceratops, is remarkably strong and hardy! I've seen a juvinile dislodge a fallen rock three times its size to unblock a stream, knock over tree for a morning snack, and even overturn a small house just to get to the roots under the foundation, nothing seems to slow this stocky creature down! Even local predators seem to stay clear, out of fear of getting gored on its enlongated nasal horn, or perhaps this animal's mere presance is enough to encourage them to give this otherwise docile herbivore a wide berth?


Domesticated: They may be short in stature, but their high weight tolerance and strong will make them ideal companions for hauling resources through the hot sands of this hellscape. Their spiky horns are a natural repeleant for smaller predators, and even if a battle was not avoidable it is more than capable of holding its own. The only downside to taming a Styracosaurus i would say, is... Cleaning up the mess after said battle. Be it rain, sun, or sandstorm, Styracosaurus is loyal to the very end.


Taming: Interstingly, the styracosaurus in the wild is surprisibly shy around humans. But they can be swayed with its favorite food of Cacti. although you can knock it out if the need arises, though Survivors have seen much more sucess simply by hand feeding the animal. Just don't make any sudden moves, less you frighten it away.


In game: Yes I know there's already a Skin (and a mod) for Styracosaurus. But Two things. Firstly We don't know if the model for said skin is even going to be in the remaster, or what skins will make it over at all for that matter. And Two, I'm yet to see any word that Kraken will port over their mod to the remaster. and even if they did we still got issue one to deal with in the fact we might not have the OG model to work with anymore. So I'm making this suggestion for the vote (doubt it will get far, kiddos don't like herbivores). My idea for Styracosaurus is for it to have an absurd amount of weight reduction, As I'm not entirely sure if anything in Scorched earth has it... and if there is then there's not many of them. It will also have a Charge attack like the Trike, but ublike our three horned friend, Styracosaurus will inflict bleed instead of knockback. This will become more potent on larger foes, and because why not it can also stack. It will be ridable, but the majority of its stats will be less than that of trikes, even being smaller in size. And as the dossier suggests, it's a passive tame, it will feed on cacti (or just the sap if not possible to add a new plant) to soften up to the one taming it, but survviors can't run or have too high movement speed or else it will scamper off, it CAN be knocked out (and tamed though such means like the diplo) but it will aggro if attacked.


Also, I'd like to add that we have only TWO ceratopsians, in a game that has an unhealthy obsession with carnivore submissions that either "HAVE TO BE BIGGER THAN T-REX luls", Are identical to another creature, or already ARE a well known modded creature. We already had like 4 carnivores added in a row, let the veggi eaters have a turn in the spotlight.

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