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Suchomimus the desert river monster



The suchomimus dwells near rivers and other bodies of water on scorched earth. They are the size of an allosaurus and use their sickle claw to slash at fish and other prey. While suchomimus does eat fish it has an almost oposit behavior to its cossin the baryonyx. While the baryonyx feeds primaraly on fish, the sucho mainly feeds on medium and small herbivores using its long claw and razer sharp teeth to shred through prey. There is some sexual dimorphism in them for example the males are more colorful and have a frill on their snout and above their eyebrows, the males are also slightly bigger than the females. They are intelligent and will not kill a human on sight. If a human is spoted they will have a short amount of time to bow in respect to this magnificent creature and begin the taming process(the males will be a bit harder to win over than the females). Once tamed the sucho will be one of your best friends even rivaling rexes. They take a saddle that can hold up to three people. They can use their claws and jaws to tear through their enemies and can do an intimidation display raoring and flaring their claws.SUCHOMIMUS 2021 by MarioLanzas on DeviantArtSuchomimus tenerensis #art #artwork #paleoart #animal #reptile #dinosaur  #theropod #spinosaurid #suchomimus #sarcosuchus | Paleo art, Dinosaur  sketch, PrehistoricSuchomimus Tenerensis by PaleoBook on DeviantArtSuchomimus Tenerensis, , GabrielCasamasso - CGSociety

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Species Name: Suchomimus (meaning "crocodile mimic")

Physical Description: Suchomimus is a large theropod dinosaur that lived during the Early Cretaceous period, approximately 121-112 million years ago. It is a bipedal dinosaur with a long, slender body, a long neck, and a narrow snout filled with sharp, conical teeth. Its body is covered in rough, scaly skin, and it has a long, powerful tail for balance and maneuverability.

One of the most distinctive features of Suchomimus is its arms, which are relatively short compared to its body size but end in large, curved claws that are adapted for grasping and holding prey. Suchomimus also has a powerful set of jaws that it uses to bite and tear flesh, allowing it to take down small and medium-sized herbivores.

Sexual Dimorphism: There is sexual dimorphism in Suchomimus, with males being larger than females and possessing several distinctive features that set them apart. Male Suchomimus have colorful brow horns that extend above their eyes, as well as a frill on their snout that is used for display and communication with potential mates and rivals. These features make the males more visually striking and intimidating, and help them attract females during the mating season.

Behavior: In the video game, Suchomimus would be a formidable predator that players would need to watch out for. It would be a fast and agile hunter, capable of chasing down prey and taking it down with its sharp claws and jaws. However, Suchomimus would also be vulnerable to attack from other predators, and would need to be careful when hunting in groups or competing for resources.

Overall, Suchomimus would be an exciting addition to ark Its distinctive appearance and deadly hunting skills would make it a formidable opponent for players, and its sexual dimorphism would add an extra level of depth.

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4 minutes ago, MegaCroissantemance said:

I love suchomimus, but frankly introducing a semi aquatic on scorched is pretty pointless. Bodies of water are few and far between, and it would pretty much only be useful on other maps.

It could probably still work, but the semi aquatic part would be nearly useless

my idea for it was it would be a desert dwelling version that would be an in between of the spino and bary, and would prey on herbivores and would be the oposit of the bary.

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Common name: Suchomimus
Species: Spinosaurid
Age: Early Cretaceous
Diet: Piscivore 
Temperament: Aggressive 



While commonly mistaken for a large Baryonyx or juvenile Spinosaurus, the Suchomimus behaves very differently. While sharing a similar diet to its cousins, the Suchomimus lives in a very different environment; the desert. It will always be found near a water source, and will defend it, aggressively if needed. Feeding primarily on the larger fish species found in the pools, it will rarely bother chasing more difficult to catch prey. I will often see them alone, but occasionally they have been seen living together in harmony if water sources are scarce, much like crocodilians. They share more in common with the Baryonyx than Spinosaurus, and move in a bipedal stance on land, can be quite fast when needed, although they are more adapted to shallow waters and aren't particularly agile swimmers. Despite their lives in the rivers and pools throughout the desert, they are still very adapt at moving on land, and I have even seen them using their strong legs to leap forwards or, crouch down and slowly walk while fishing.



Many people have been seen using this as an all-purpose mount out here in the deserts. Either in the soft sands, the hard rocks or the shallow waters, Suchomimus has no problem getting around, despite its size and power. It can hold its own in a fight, and even take on some of the larger carnivores such as Carnotaurus and Allosaurus.

Due to its unique ability to crouch down, many survivors see Suchomimus as the perfect mount for exploring tight caves that an otherwise equally-sized mount would be unable to reach. When crouched down outdoors, they are able to tough out the severe weather, survivors have taken to using Suchomimus almost as a walking tent for the harsh sandstorms.


General uses:

- Strong caving mount
- Protects survivors from sandstorms when in crouching or lying down by staying near it, imagine a wind-break (does not apply to the rider)
- Relatively fast on all terrain
- Strong fighter, similar in power to the leader of an Allo group, but has no leadership/group increase
- Can leap at to targets similar to the Sarco, but not jump like the Bary


- The rider is exposed to incoming fire
- Moves very slowly while crouching, and in areas with a low ceiling will be unable to stand back up
- Vulnerable from flanking attacks


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