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Tiktaalik Ancient fish capable of teleporting in waterways




It is an extinct pawfinid that lived during the late Devonian period (about 375 million years ago).

I entered because I felt the Tiktaalik was the missing link between fishes and tetrapods, and I felt it was necessary to bring this creature into the ARK because it is a symbol of the evolution of organisms that have evolved lungs and strong limbs.

Tiktaalik in ARK

Absorbs the oxygen gauges of surrounding organisms and inflicts new damage caused by oxygen deprivation.

By consuming all the absorbed oxygen, it can teleport through the waterway, a new building item that can be placed on the MAP, just like a TEK teleporter (with a limit of 2 pieces and a limit of times to a maximum of 2 locations)
It is possible to give a status increase buff to surrounding Diplocaulu and share oxygen with them to enable breath attacks using reactive oxygen intermediate.

Tiktaalik, like Diplocaulus, spawns in very small numbers in oasis and shallow water.

It is larger in size than in the historical record and, like Basilosaurus, crawls around in shallow water and swamps with several Diplocaulus around it.
When hostile, they use their evolved lungs and external gills, which are usually stowed away, to absorb the oxygen levels of surrounding organisms in an oxygen-robbing attack.
Survivors and dinosaurs deprived of oxygen are extremely dangerous because of the damage caused by oxygen deprivation.
However, dinosaurs without oxygen values and survivors equipped with oxygen cylinders are not damaged, so countermeasures can be taken.
Diplocaulu in the vicinity of Tiktaalik should be noted as they have a significantly elevated stator.

Tiktaalik taming

We have multiple ideas on how to tame Tiktaalik, but if you have a better idea, please adopt that one.
Plan A: Keep hitting the outer gills that appear periodically like titans with cannons or fire arrows to deplete their oxygen and put them in a coma.
Proposal B: Tame by taming diplocaulus or by approaching them equipped with oxygen cylinders and subjecting them to oxygen-absorbing attacks.

Tiktaalik's performance after taming

Tiktaalik can be equipped with a platform saddle and can build bases comparable to those of Paracer.
As a fish, Tiktaalik can also act in water, and although its oxygen level is not reduced, a new oxygen gauge is added.
This new oxygen gauge is raised by using oxygen-absorbing attacks to rob the surrounding organisms of their oxygen levels, or by sharing it with fellow Diplocaulu in the surrounding area.
When the gauge reaches its maximum, the user can choose to use it in one of two ways.

By consuming the entire oxygen gauge, one can teleport through the "waterway," similar to the TEK teleporter.
Waterways dry out and break down over time.

A new building item, the "waterway," will be added. The "canal" can be created in Tiktaalik's inventory, but it requires a large amount of materials such as wood and cement.
Waterways will collapse after multiple uses.

The second use is to convert oxygen into reactive oxygen intermediate and exhale it forward as a breath.


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