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**Art on Dossier by Lapis**


I've seen alot of prehistroic mammals in my time but I've never seen a Prehistoric Giraffe let alone it being the largest prehistroic relative. Sivatherium Flingerrum is a very strange creature on this ARK mainly its large horns. Unlike Modern Day Giraffes, They're very sharp and wide and I've seen even wild ones pick up and hurl Large boulders at attackers with them. They also use their horns to eat the delicious cactus sap from the cacti of Scorched to supplement their weak stomachs as Sivatherium's have a case of a sick stomach causing them to hurl up their lunch. The Sivatherium's love for Cactus sap is so strong, Sivatherium is easily tamed by letting it lick the Cactus sap off any nearby Survivor. Just don't get covered in its vomit after it takes some sap from you.



Once tamed, Sivatherium's large horns provide huge utility in raids turning it into a living catapult/slingshot able to hurl boulders or jars of pitch at enemy bases. They also have such a good run speed able to run long distances without consuming stamina and are able to carry large loads for either raids or resource harvesting. And despite the nasty vomit, I've seen survivors use it as a substitute for spoiled meat due to its putrid smell & taste & even making a special spray to scare creatures away from survivors or just hurl its vomit at an opposing force!! Talk about losing your lunch!!


Left Click: Horn Slam: Sivatherium swings is large horns at its target causing decent knockback

Right Click: Stomp: Sivatherium uses its front feet to hit its target with this attack hitting twice, if looking behind this attack becomes a back kick

C Key: If Sivatherium is about to hurl, you can have Sivatherium spit its vomit/hurled lunch at an opponent causing them to lose health slowly while also causing them to gain large amounts of Torpor at a rapid rate due to the horrible smell.

X Key: Catapult/slingshot Mode (Able to Launch Catapult Boulders and Jars of Pitch from its Horns. You also be able to create a new ammo type utilizing the vomit to make a giant stink bomb to hurl at opposing forces)(You can also use Catapult Mode to tame Karkinos and Rock Golems)

Other Abilities: Sivatherium is able to Sprint without consuming any Stamina similar to Iguanodon (Attacks still cost Stamina), has a High Weight Stat to carry resources across the map, Is able to gather Cactus Sap more efficiently  tree to help its weak stomach or you can use its Vomit as a substitute for Spoiled Meat or make a special spray that will scare creatures away from you for a period of time.


Option 1: To Tame Sivatherium, You must approach it while you have Cactus Sap in your zero slot. Sivatherium will approach and start to lick you and the cactus sap out of your inventory. Be careful to not let it lick you for that long as after eating too much cactus sap, it will Vomit on you and the smell of the vomit will scare the Sivatherium away and ruin its taming effectiveness.

Option 2: Use a Catapult on its neck causing it to hurl its lunch and stun it for a short period of time. Run up while its stunned and feed it Cactus Sap. Repeat until tamed.

The Saddle can be unlocked at lv 35 and you are able to craft the boulders and jars of pitch in its inventory to use in Catapult Mode. There would also be a Wagon Saddle at Lv 50 so Sivatherium can haul stuff with huge weight reductions to items on the wagon.

SivatheriumGwaffeGang.png (3840×2160)

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I think this creature is pretty interesting and it also has the potential for a saddle that isn't just a platform. Wagons would be nice and could be essentially a land Raft but needing a dinosaur to pull it kinda thing. I dunno if it needs to be limit to this dino though. I think plenty of others could pull it like double Equus, Morellatops, Trikes, Pachyrhinosaurus, etc. It would be interesting if herbivores would be the most efficient pullers to, like if you use Carnos you can but Herbivores will have greater Stamina for pulling so this gives another use to some of the medium sized herbivores under the size of Paracers and Dilpodocus or platform saddle animals.

I however wouldn't add it merely on the merits of its current ideas without more expansion. But that's just me. Maybe as an added point you could specify it can tame things that Catapults can? Idk. But it has a very good personality flavor to its dossier. That's something I dont see often.

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here's another really nice picture I just seen on the dinopedia of them, its so nice I wanted to share it here 😄
also cute past submission of it if you wanted to see it 🥰
scource: https://dinopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Sivatherium



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some ideas

  • super gatherer and farmer, that boost crop growth when close, it could help them grow in the scorching heat where they are prone to dry out (reduce base growth speed of crops)
  • its feces could be used as a special fertiliser further boosting crop growth
  • it could also eliminate some debuffs from tamed dinos and players around (eliminated debuffs to be discussed) 
  • or it could make the food intake of dinos and players around it much more efficient making food give more health and food
  • you could choose which berries to mainly harvest, giving more of that berry than others
  • its tall body would make its back would be a safe haven for traveling across the desert. it would be a real TANK taking reduced damage due to its thick skin and bulkiness harbouring a substantial amount of health
  • it could carry a lot of weight making it a mobile large storage box, its saddle could also have extra storage
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2 minutes ago, Fuzzy343 said:

I literally made my account just to post this prehistoric Giraffe! 
Highly highly approve! 

I love all of the ideas above, particularly the catepult one. It could also be used as a mobile tent? Using its large body to shelter you whilst lying down during a storm 

I like that Tent idea. I'll add it to main post

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1 hour ago, Lugiakyroke54 said:

If this doesnt make it can someone please make a mod for it. I would love to have this in the game. Since i love giraffes and would like a good mobility dino for weight besides the gasbag and stuff like that.

Giraffes are super underrated!!

2 hours ago, Big11charlie said:

I like that this creature would actually be themed to a desert map. Very unique, you got my vote.

Having a Giraffe in a desert would look awesome!

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