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Community Crunch 356: ARK Roadmap Update, Rhyniognatha Concept, and More!


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its amazing how many people cant read, cant do math, and cant think at all. First of ark came out 8 YEARS AGO, everyones has been begging for some kind of remaster since only a few years ago and we are finnally getting it. Of cause everyones entitalled to theyre own opinions and wild card has been horrible for community service all this time, but this is something we have been wanting for ages, we should all just be happy for finnaly getting it. ive been playing ark since it came out and i still remember playing for ours with my brother because we loved it so much. ive introduced many of my friend to this game and weve all watched it grow and expand together and i hate seeing those times come to an end but i look forward to playing ASA and ASE 2 with those same friend and making more new memories with them.

first of all i cant speak for the official servers or the general tek upgrades as i'm a single player or i play on third party servers with friends, but from what i can see everyone here is getting pissed cause theyre losing theyre ''eight years of progress'', but they are obviously missing te fact that ofcause the servers would end eventually and its come time o say goodbye to those beloved memories and create new ones in this remastered game.

secondly, none of u reptarers can do basic math for the reptaring life of u. originnally youd pay $50 for ASA and ASE 2 plus another $40 for both DlC packs. obviously the bundle of both games would be cheaper than just one on its own (like it is for every reptaring game ever) and the price for ASA is relatively inline with other releases of a similar kind. also u are getting the original $40 addon packed in with the new $60 price. the original ark is like $50 and then u also had to buy all the story arks for $30 bucks each, and this is still cheaper than the survivors edition (or whatever its called) with everything in it. so if u think of it as the original ark ur getting something like a $20 price decrease plus it has new graphics.

for my third point. y''all gotta read the god damn article before typing ur messages, because aswell as being a general upgrade for ark they are also adding a ton of new features to enhance the orignal experience and creat new experiences alongside them. it astounds me how often this community (regardless of wildcards poor managment) miss the actual point of half the poop they release. time after time we will get new content, and the community will always pick and choose some of the minor negatives and ignore all the positives. some of these changes may be more drastic than those of the past but that is too be expected when ur releasing basically an entirely fresh game from the ground up (excluding im assuming basic code taken from ASE).

and once again to touch on you lot crying about the loss of ur PVP servers, from the limited time ive spent on offical, it is rampant with cheeting player, players who exploit game mechanics to ruin the time for others(e.g. spamming pillars everywhere) and the countless dead servers filled with abandoned bases making it almmost imposible to find a decent server (this doesnt even mention the servers with giant tribes that ruin any early game experiences). now these may not be issues for those who have been playing on these servers for that amount of time, but it makes anyone that feels like trying out these servers immediately turn of the game from bordom. again ive spent very little time on these servers so my grypes may be due to my own ignorance, but that is still the experience of what i assume are most new offical players.

ASE is coming to the end of its life and its time we say goodbye to this beloved game for which we have spent large portions of our lives making memories with friends. the only reason these experience hold any meaning is because we all new it would oneday come to an. its we look to all of our favourite game future, and think of the wonderour ne memoreies we will make going forward.

ark has been my favourite game for years since i first started playing it, and although i have periods when i get tired of it and stop playing, i always find myself seeing a video from syntac or some news of new ark content release and kickstarting that same obsession that i found myself in all those years ago. and personally i cant wait to see where this expansion take us in the future

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