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Community Crunch 355: ARK Roadmap, EVO Event, and More!


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11 minutes ago, Dienstbier said:

I really hope that this is an April Fool's joke with Ark and UE5, if not I'll be terribly disappointed.

I have no problem paying something for it, but that there will now be different Ark games.
One in UE5 and one old.
No, this is an appalling approach for me.

I hope that on April 2 will be said that it was just a joke.

I hope too, becouze if not, i immediatelly delete ark and ARK 2 will be buy who be out of one's mind.  

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2 hours ago, Luizza said:

So our current servers being shut down, new version out but not with all maps? Which maps do u include as non-canon, we have no idea.

So $50 for the island and some random maps you're not being specific on

+ $20 for extinction, aber and SE

+ $20 for gen1 and gen2

and they're not even all coming out at once?

$90 for a game that is supposed to be eclipsed by the new game pretty much as soon as all the content is out?



yup seems that way and if they 'sunset' them servers too its minimum 1.5 years max imo 2-3 years depending on delays etc thats just crap in a game that takes years to breed top stuff lol 

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2 hours ago, ladyteruki said:

I think I can speak for almost everyone here when I say that we expected a delay (not that big, but the spirit of it at least). Personally I don't mind. You seem to have a clear vision of what you want ARK2 to be, and I applaud that. Also everything that attempts to save devs from crunch is good. What I do mind is telling us so little about the game for the *check notes* year and a half until its release. We all expected the roadmap to be the beginning of more communication, not a way of stalling and then getting more of the same.

As for the rest, it's an interesting choice to make the remaster a separate entity from ARK: Survival Evolved ; it solves a few issues the community was worried about, but brings up a few others. Bundling it with ARK2 is a good call, that said ! I appreciate it.
Hopefully in the next few months we'll be hearing a lot more about the long list of things ARK: Survival Ascended will deliver, including those you didn't have the time and space to detail here. Keep the conversation going, please ? 

You need to learn to be more critical. They're delaying their game for a second year. Deleting Ark 1 servers, and making you buy it and all the DLC again AND buy Ark 2 a year and a half before it releases, just in order to get access to ASA. 

Its an April Fools prank. They're literally trying to outrage you and you still just eat it up and thank them for it

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1 hour ago, SoilingSage said:

A sad day for official ASE players a great day for fans of the game ASA will be a welcome addition perhaps more so than ark 2 thanks wildcard UE5 looks amazing I look forward to new adventures

LOL so u have seen the footage of this new game and been on the servers? never EVER count your chickens before WC has shown us REAL stuff - and lol they are STILL charging us when it was supposed to be FREE

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5 minutes ago, ThievingSpring said:

Guys, tomorrow is April Fools. No way this insanity is real

If it is it's a ducking horrible joke, hell this crunch alone told me not to buy the second game as they are nothing more then greedy liars. Things like this is how you lose loyal players & keep new players from sticking around for the *it's a joke post* . And if it is actually *just a joke* this tells me they are so out of touch with their playerbase that they would even thing this is funny. All it tells me not to trust a single word they say as they've proven they can't be trusted, and that's not a good thing. When your players stop trusting you & they lose interest in your game, no interst in your game and you crash and burn because of it.

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2 hours ago, FabianPEH said:

2. Survival Ascended: why make it paid? Many other games release next gen upgrades for free.


Exactly! In all fairness, I don't even have access to it from what WC's put out so far (Xbox One people sad), and everyone has to pay extra for it? Why not just upgrade ARK:SE to fit with the current gaming scene? Normally I'm in full support of everything WC does, but this is...different.

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1 hour ago, basilmemories said:

so hold on, you first go that this is an upgrade, which is great! because let's be real we all knew a delay on ark 2 was coming, and honestly, that's fine. I'm anti-crunch and take your time.

but then, THEN, oh now it's going to be 90$ to get the same thing, plus a product i might not want anyway, and if i don't want to upgrade... well tough for me, because you're shutting down the servers. and even if i had the money to upgrade, i STILL couldn't take the years of hard work that me and my tribe with me, again, let me know if I got any of this wrong.

on TOP OF THAT, now mods will be little paid dlc packs, because you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone is going to not make it a "suggested" payment or a "pay-what-you-want", it's going to be some cold hard cash... and you retain 50% of the profits. so you do nothing, load our system with more bloatware, and probably don't set a max price, and get paid for modders to fix your mistakes and pass the cost on to us.


I'm sorry, when did this become the EA forums, and when did this become The Sims 4?

BOOM this right here


No way in hell am i even touching this ASA game till i see / now what its going to look like and if it has the same 'code' as ark1 because dam its a bugfest at times + thos QOL structure stuff im sure is modded in already ..... ALSO if ark1 is getting sunset in AUG this year when will this new one get the same treatment? a year or two down the line when (lol) ark2 comes out? WASTE of time, you are charging US to TEST the UE5 ....LOL might just go demo my base now tbh get this crap off my comp .. nearly 8k hours and you drop this turd on us - the delay WE ALL knew was gonna happen with zero in-game shots thats not a problem the whole rest of it is.

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Based on this new bundle essentially being a free upgrade to Evo with the purchase of Ark2 and Jeremy Stieglitz alreadying stating this would be a FREE upgrade as a PS user the math isn't mathing. $39.99 ≠ FREE.

Needs fixed or increase the price to $49.99 and plan to provide PS users a code to download Ark2 via steam for free at launch, thank you 🥰

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Well thanks for ark'ing us all, and killing a a huge online community. Some of us had no intent of going to ARK2 for several reasons, one of which starting from scratch, as well as not being able to have tek again, and living in a primitive world with very little upgrades, as well as some of the dinos that we will no longer be seeing in ARK 2. Now you are basically taking all that away from us with wiping the servers and just erasing 2,3,4,5,6, years of every day grinding, some of us with still a little bit of the grind to go, and finally getting to where we want to be in the community, just getting ark'd to nothing again, losing all of our dinos and god knows what else that is not going to be in the save to go to a server to play by ourselves... and not with the little family of people we have grown to love and hate in our community. DILO? and now you are going to make us pay for it all over again, to start off with what in a game that may not even still live up to what it should be. 

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So many things don't add up to take this seriously.... you ain't fooling me, April Fools FTW

1.) This, just two months ago (CC#345)....

"Despite anticipating our next showing of ARK 2 to be a gameplay showcase, we see the hunger and eagerness for more ARK 2 information, and we get it. We’ve decided to give you a peek behind the curtain and begin showcasing more ARK 2 tidbits regularly as we lead up to the first gameplay trailer. We hope you enjoy these appetizers, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on the main course ;)! "

2.) This... (two months ago) what others things to show?? All I see is Sabertooth concept art and a half-baked logo...20230401_001323.jpg

3.) Ark Ascended logo looks half baked, ark logos are pretty catchy and artistic, not this one.

4.) No way will Ark 1 remastered be ready to be released by August when they just teased this possibility just a little ways back...

5.) An official expansion only getting 4 new dinos...

6.) Tek Engrams coming to conquest.... isn't that counter-productive of what conquest is about.

7.) Content creators feel like they're 'acting' upset about this news... You can kinda feel excitement brewing in Syntac's video while he is trying to be upset. Maybe they were told ahead of time "play into the joke" since they don't mention the possibility of it being a joke, at any point....

8.) This was posted officially at the start of April 1st universal time. They're just getting the jump on you before you start seeing all the jokes elsewhere.

I feel like they planned an April Fool's joke months ago and have been teasing concept art to both "hold us over" and "lead us to believe" Ark 2 will be delayed. So maybe I'm wrong about all this... but the only way I see this playing out well for Wildcard is if in the coming days we get the "real" roadmap, Ark 2 trailer, and Ark 2 beta coming out this month. 

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