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Community Crunch 355: ARK Roadmap, EVO Event, and More!

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I am disappointed to hear that the split screen is going away and only cross platform is being added. Being apart of a household that enjoys gaming we don't have an extra Xbox or PC just laying around to game on. Plus spending the extra just to buy the game on each different platform seems excessive for a household. At this point based on what I can tell I am not planning on buying the new game nor bundle unless there is a change. I would like to know if split screen is something that could be a potential later.

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I would like to enjoy these news, but not after what you've done. Since then your announcement of not fulfilling the promise. So far I haven't even restarted/redownloaded the game. And I don't know if ARK 2 will be the same. Not after the way you act.

I'm just wondering about the fact. Ark 1.5 would be a test transition from UE4 to UE5 because you want to make a better game ARK 2. but you seem to be more into ark 1.5 (reheated cutlet) than ark 2. Also, you could spend the same amount of time and resources developing ARK 2, adding updates over time as it was with ARK: Survival Evolved from before the release. 

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7 minutes ago, Mephistopheles23 said:

Erm so i just bought Ark ultimate package in may this year only to find out servers being wiped this month and i have to buy the game again 3 months later???

Is this legal??

How can you sell a product that is going to have the support slashed 3 months later and demand payment again??


Official servers are down,can play unnofficial or singleplayer

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17 minutes ago, jtsquared said:

community crunch 355 says official servers are ending end of August but.... we're in Sept and the servers are still up. When will servers be taken down?

355 is very old as well. There's been many updates since. Servers close at the end of this month. Unless it changes again. 

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