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pve [Xbox][Windows10]VTV Kings of Zero Effort

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👑Kings of Zero Effort👑

⚔️We are a brand new PVE Cluster⚔️

⚔️Available on XBOX & Windows 10⚔️

⚔️Discord: https://discord.gg/JYuunzzcub⚔️

  • 💎- Friendly Admins
  • 💎- Friendly Community
  • 💎- Currently have 7 Maps ( Aberration,Gen2,Fjordur,TheIsland,Extinction, Crystal Isles, Event Map ) Adding more as the server grows
  • 💎- Difficulty level set to 10
  • 💎- Some Custom Spawns
  • 💎- Starter Pack available per player
  • 💎- 8 player Tribes
  • 💎- Day and Night Cycles
  • 💎- Slight Boost on: XP/Harvesting
  • 💎- High Boost on Taming/Maturation/Breeding
  • 💎- Slower Consumption
  • 💎- Metal Ingot to Element Converter
  • 💎- Admin Shops
  • 💎- Events/Giveaways/BBS Auctions and more!

Great Server for those that enjoy to play the game and not have to wait a long period of time on Breeding timers. Come Check out the Discord Check out my cluster!!

We Will be adding Ark Ascended along side with Ark Survival Evolved


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