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The discovery of the Managarmr was one of the many wonders of The lost Island.


They also are found in the Extinction and Genesis part two. They breath the cold icey air and instead of flying they launch themselves in the air. They appear as a wyvern but have black bodies,grey fur,a Furox looking head and light blue glowing lines like a technology based dino.


Not all regions have the same amount of grey fur though. The pictures will be at bottom in order.


As found in our resent discovery in Region 1 the body is all different shades of grey and the wings are blue,the purple reflection spots they have are shown in the first picture.


Region 2 has the same colors as Region 1 only the nose-to-ear spot is a light, dull red, same with the ankles.


Region 3 has the same grey colors but their wings are red that fades into blue.


Region 4 is the same as Region 1 just different purple reflection spots.


The Region 5 is probably the best one so far! It has bold red nose-to-ear and arms!


Some facts and information:


The purple reflection spots are only on the grey with blue wings,they are carnivores,by entering cheat SetTargetDinoColor <ColorRegion> <ColorID> in the cheat console. For instance, cheat SetTargetDinoColor 0 6 would color the Managarmr's "body main" magenta,The Managarmr tends to recklessly bombard anything it can see, making effective use of its abilities. Its hazardous attacks usually get it killed by mammoth herds. It is an incredibly aggressive and agile flying/gliding animal that can be hard to hit due to its speed. It is perhaps one of the biggest dangers of the Snow Dome. They tend to ambush much like a Microraptor, gliding around until a target is spotted and then dive-bombing straight into said target. However, as mentioned, this tends to get them into more trouble than they can handle,Like the icy variant of Draconis vipera, Draconis auragelus can slow down its foes with its frigid breath - though it's able to take this one step further and freeze its prey solid. Perhaps that's because it's used to living in the tundra environment on the surface, as opposed to a desert. Their attacks and bite ( right button )and ice breath ( left button ). 






Steam: Nov,6 2018


Xbox: Nov,6 2018


Playstation: Nov,6 2018


Epic games: Jul,11,2020


Stadia: Sept,1 2021




The explorer note is at the end.


Credit to fandom.com








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