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When is Next Event Taking Place? - Mega Thread

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I was looking forward to the event personally.

I know why bother it's all going away BUT my friends and sister do not plan on playing an further after this.

So we want as much time with our dinos and in game creations as possible. ( I'm still working on the dodo palace I promised my sister) 

This game can be SO much more than just the assets involved,we build new memories daily. ( I plan to get as many last minute ones as possible.)

We will sink with the ark and our dinos on board.  


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I think the recent changes make it even harder to get ark 1.5 for me. 

Before when ark 2 was bundled with it the offer was more appealing. Do you want us to rebuy a game we already bought? Okay lots of new features so I'd consider that. But now you are asking us to rebuy a game that we all know is going to be shelved once ark 2 comes out and now  we will need to buy that.

That's a harder sell. From my perspective why not just wait for ark2? Plenty of other games out there to tie me over...

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Why take down ARK by August? Can't it just be left out there? This is so sad. Why can't it stay like StarCraft 1 or Diablo 2 or Dungeon Siege 2? These are games that were launched decades ago that I still play. ARK has something that can only be found in ARK. Like personally building an army of a couple dozen dinos, then separate them in teams and command multiple teams in battle in 1st person view. Like roaming around the wilderness with a dozen bodyguards at your beck and call. No other game has that feature.

It is unique and irreplaceable. Like Diablo 2, it is the game which handles the necromancer/summoner class best. Or Dungeon siege 2 the squad gameplay here is the best at its time. And not to mention StarCraft, its the game that changed the RTS genre.

Make Ark 2 all you want but leave Ark 1 there.

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