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Metal Ocean Platform Question..


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On 3/20/2023 at 10:56 AM, MaHaBe said:

Its on ground floor, just trying to put a ceiing on the deck itself. 

And nothing is taller than the Behmouth Gates, all shorter than that.

THe height limit is something like 10 or 12 or something.  I forgot exactly, and oddly enough that limit should be in the wiki.  I'll post a request on the thread for the wiki to have that added.

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6 hours ago, MaHaBe said:

 see picture below, I cant put anything on this platform. Platform next to it, has just about the same build as this one but has more stuff on it and it is fine. 


could it be you are standing on one platform, and trying to put an item down on a different platform? or maybe the game thinks  that is what's happening.

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I don't think b gates will snap structures to each other... i have little experience with building on ocean platforms myself though and that little experience is years old. But as I understand it tom is saying your building from the larger base is snap connected to this building and thus that storage box is being calculated as to far away. Is there a way you can disconnect the two platforms? Don't bring your whole base down and blame it on me btw. Part of the reason I stopped building on ocean plat, and other platforms is the potential to try to demo ONE CEILING and bring down the house.

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On 3/23/2023 at 11:37 AM, MaHaBe said:

so, only a Behmouth get can span both platforms? or will that cause the error as well?


It might be possible to snap a fence foundation down close to the edge.  That way the beh gate coudl try to snap so that half of it is off the platform.  I don't know for sure if that would work, but thats how I'd go about it.  It wouldn't technically be snapped to both platforms, just that it snapped on one of its own multiple snap points on its underside to the fence foundation such that it appeared to straddle 2 ocean platforms.

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if you have built a house and you don't know where the fault is, you will have to disassemble the parts that are connected to the platforms
the cables from the electric generator and the water pipes are also problematic.
you can use a cruise missile to dismantle the structure in the platform, when after the shot and impact, the image returns to the platform and you have some time to dismantle, for example, a pipe or a foundation, before the platform is rendered.
this works on my server and I used it to destroy part of the structures in the platform without having to destroy the platform (work only on servers)

good placed platfoms


bad placed platforms (ceilings on platfoms is snaped cross)



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