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The idea of a industrial spoiler.



the industrial spoiler is a machine that needs to be hook up on a power generator and a pipeline. the power generator would turn on the spoiler while the pipeline would make moisture for the meat. To make this spoiler, it is not normal material, instead it would need a air conditioner to put dust and air into the meat. a campfire to put heat into the meat and a feeding trough to store the meat into the machine. instead of using gasoline it would run on spark powder or wood as it uses a campfire. this machine would make meat spoil 75% faster than having it in a animal a storage box or in your inventory but would make the spoil meat does not spoil until it is taken out. the slot space for it would be 500 slots or maybe 1000 slots. spoil meat cannot be stored or put back into it, if it does it would spoil or even spoil faster.


if anyone have any comments or extra ideas leave some. i know ark 2 is about to come out but i would like to see this before it comes out. sense they add dinos all the time. thank you for  hearing me out. lets make this happen :)

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