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I’m getting lag spikes every few minutes when on any server. Help?

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I bought a series S to play Ark, and now I’m having this issue when I try to play. Ark is the only game that lags for me or spikes like this. I even tried via xcloud on my iPad, and it still lags. I used to play Ark mobile on there and never had any lag.

As said, no other games are giving me trouble. I played Overwatch 2 a bit with network stats on as a test and it never once spiked. Games like MW2, Fortnite, and Elder Scrolls Online all work flawlessly. But with Ark, it keeps happening. I think it has to do at least partly with server load, but maybe someone else knows better. My character will randomly rewind or pause, with actions not working, like opening a door. It seems to not happen as much when I’m away from my base. 

I went from Wi-Fi to wired to see if that would help. I even increased my speeds to 1 gb. Nothing has helped.

I even called my isp and they did some tests and signal sends and the restarting, but nothing worked. They said the only other option would be to send a tech, but it’s only Ark so I feel like it’s not worth it.

Does anyone have any input or experience with this problem?

If it helps with diagnosing the issue, on the main unofficial I play on, when doing events on event maps I don’t lag at all. Just did a titans event with like 20 people in Meks and 3 titans at a time. No lag at all. Not even during the long fight.

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Well, if it isn't the world save, then it might just be ark being ark. Ark is notoriously laggy and not well optimized (fingers crossed UE5 and Ark 2 change that). Series S shouldn't have any problems though. Like you said, it may be server load, but judging by how it's happening on all the servers you visit, that isn't likely. Other than the ark being ark theory, I've got nothing. I don't have that many issues with lag like that, so I don't really know how to fix it.

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I've noticed the servers pause when certain players join a server i'm on.   It also will have that pause on the timer reset, it varies in length of time based on how old and built up a server is.  Younger, less popular servers will save much faster than say gen2 map which could take a minute plus to finish saving, or a map that has been around for 5 years and has been covered with tons of buildings and tames out in the open.

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On 3/16/2023 at 10:12 PM, Relarist said:

Does that happen on unofficial servers too? It’s happening on both. But it might be about 15 minutes apart, other than the logins and outs.

It depends on the settings used by the server admin. I have my server set to save every 20 minutes rather than every 15, but the basic logic is still the same. On any dedicated server, even one with just a few people playing, you can almost always feel a bit of lag during the server save. And if it's a busy server with a lot of people playing when the save kicks off the lag will be that much worse.


Regarding your comment: "I think it has to do at least partly with server load", that's true, but it also depends on what the hardware is for the sever hosting the map, how many people are active at any given time, and how much building has taken place on the map.

If you're on a server that has a grand total of 6 people playing, then the lag will be less because there's only so much building that 6 people can do. This is why private servers that people run just to host their single tribe of a few friends don't have nearly as much lag, even if they aren't super-powerful servers.

Compare that to an Official server (or even a heavily populated Unofficial server). Even if there are only 6 people logged in, the maps are still build up almost everywhere, which means that as those 6 people are moving around the map the server has to constantly send them information on all of the buildings they are riding or flying past so their PC can render those buildings in. Flying over open terrain with no buildings on it is a lot easier on the the server and the client then flying over terrain that has buildings and pillars everywhere you go. Obviously the server doesn't have to render those buildings in, there are no graphics running on the server, but it has to take the time to constantly calculate and send information to players so their client knows where to render in buildings.


So lag is based on a combination of factors - total number of players on the server, total amount of buildings on the server, how many people are logged in at that exact moment, what those players are doing (if people are traveling that causes more lag than if they're just doing work inside of their base), and of course the hardware that the server is running on.

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