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LFM official 1x steam / epic ldl fjordur


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Hello folks,

We ARK Silkroad are recruiting adult players 20+ for LDL-FJORDUR official 1X tribe thats waiting for ark 2 .
LDL we play because offical is ruined by duping meshing cheating and toxicitiy. You don't need a lot of experience we are happy to learn people about the game.  We are looking for active people and want to become a friend group, we do not want to be a mega or anything!

LDL means that you people cannot transfer dinos or stuff to this server but if wanted you can transfer out.

We look for active and fun to play with people. 

Requirements are 20 + and you have to speak decent english !
I hope ya'll have a nice day and maybe we see you soon on the LDL cluster, Honest regards MorgensterTM

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