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design More Paleontologic accurate Dinosaurs



It would be awesome to see if the Dinosaurs have more accurate features without limiting the design choises to make them look cool. For example Herbivores not having hands or elephant feet. Instead for hadrosaurs having hoof like front limbs, Sauropods having a thumb spikes, some Ceratopsian having quills, Dinosaurs in the clade Thyreophora and Marginocephalia having like last two digits small without claws,  Spinosaurus having the an more accurate spine which goes down to the tail tip, Pycnofibres on some Theropods and Pterosaurs, etc


I know that the game is science fiction, but those are like minor details that would not limit designing creatures and would satisfy most paleo nerds 🙂

Here are some drawings to show what I mean 

The 'Hoof-Like' Nail of Dakota the Dinomummy - Rex MachinaNatee ~worn out~ (they/them) on Twitter: "Sauropod feet, folks. Not like an  elephant's. The hind is not dissimilar structurally, but w/ huge 'tortoise'  claws. https://t.co/EBkUargfkD" / Twitterimage.png.817911936e678986492976d10ed4ff86.pngimage.png.b5126bd34ef2dae11279a9a0e7ee325c.pngimage.png.0a8c470cf84196231e0a1a7476150909.png041aa70c742128abdcf425058d36af15.jpggreco-westermann-dilophosaurus-real-solo.jpg?1573339452Bilde

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Here are the sources of all Images I used:

  1. Edmontosaurus hoof: https://rexmachinablog.com/2020/03/18/dakota-dinomummy-hoof-nail/
  2. Sauropod feet 
  3. Stegosaurus feet: 
  4. Pachycephalosaurus hand: https://www.deviantart.com/bangboodoragon/art/Pachycephalosaurus-773453907
  5. Triceratops feet: https://www.deviantart.com/littlebaardo/art/Triceratops-Prorsus-Saurian-705540983
  6. Spinosaurus: 
  7. Dilophosaurus: https://grecowestermann.artstation.com/projects/baNg2n
  8. Pteranodon: 
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