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Gamma tek cave and overseer


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8 hours ago, Giamky said:

Single player im having some problems with the lava in the cave



I usually just take a giga down the pathway until the last bend down to the teleportation chamber.  Unpod a few rexes and maybe a mount for myself(spinos are fun and fast), pod the giga, lead all the rexes to the teleporter.  Inside, I let the rexes chase the overseer around while i hover around in a tek suit or I ride my spino or whatever I take in to ride.  If I hover in the tek suit i can use a shotgun and fly around and chase the overseer from above.

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1 hour ago, Giamky said:

Can be used the cryopods at the teleportation Chamber?

in SP you can use Cryopods throughout the cave (in Server Official it's different) surely soon those who are more experienced than me in Single Player will answer you to give you more precise info about it.

 In any case, for any type of information, I advise you to consult the Wiki.gg site




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Do sinos work in the cave? You could just glide suit or sino your way down if that works. But if you've got an andrew, maybe pod everything else and super sprint down the whole way. Or like @DireWolfMaster and @GrumpyBear have said, shadowmane and drake work, drake probably better since you can sprint and climb your way down. Or just use a single, well bred rex or spino or just a giga or carchar and rampage your way down to the terminal, then unpod your boss tames.

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On 2/24/2023 at 4:51 PM, Giamky said:

I tried to save data into the cave and i Lost all the stuff and dinos , damn

Depends on how (and on what platform) you on. In Steam single Player, you can copy the whole Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal directory, and if things go bad, just copy that directory back to the original location.

If you did not do this copy, or you are on a different platform - sorry I cannot help.
(Single player Ark on Steam at least, does not make timed backups of game / profile data - so it is up to you to make those backups before you go into a bad fight).

So how did you try to save data? With an answer to that - we can go forward ....

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