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Losing tek engrams and implant achievement


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Hi all,

i am playing single player island PS4

i have beat alpha brood mother and got the tek engrams and implant recognition  

i then beat alpha megapithicus on 3 occasions however as soon as i log off, i lose the implant and tek engrams. 
after a bit of research i tried fast travelling after the fight to autosave and managed to get the implant to recognise the alpha megapithicus but still the tek engrams disappeared.

The second time i logged back on the alpha megapithicus disappeared off my implant and i can no longer use the tek rex saddle i crafted whilst i had the engram

i also beat gamma dragon and that was never regonised on my implant too

another thing that might be linked is whenever i fast travel back to base my hot bar loadout defaults to what i had on my hot bar when i killed the broodmother??

any thoughts as im sick of not progressing!


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