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Shadowmane Breeding


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6 hours ago, Mamadeenz said:

Tried breeding two shadowmanes, it went all the way through the gestation process, and no baby came out... why? :(

hello, where and how are the parents positioned? sometimes it can happen that when it gives birth, the puppy ends up downstairs, or it can happen that if the animals are very close then the puppy, as soon as it is born, makes a small hop and can get stuck "inside" the nearby animal (love i Dedicuro for their punctuality in doing it almost always :D)

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10 hours ago, GrumpyBear said:

If the babies levels were going to be over 500, then the babies wouldn't actually be born.  On official servers, the moms would simply have a cd timer after the countdown ended.

This could be it; the gestation monitor function of the incubator is handy for checking babies before hand if you are playing on a server with level caps (like the official ones).  

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3 hours ago, NightSnake said:

This happens to me with Thylas.  Don't know why, they are not at level cap.

Next time you do a live birth, put out a parasaur on turret mode.  That way if they do mesh into the ground, at least you will know where to look.

This happens more oiften with uncontrolled breeding.  Uncontrolled meaning, the breeder hasn't verified all the possible outcomes on the mating they are carrying out.   If you are merging stats, its very possible to have babies that go over if they get just the right combo of stats.

The parasaur suggestion is a great one that the OP should definitely implement.  Babies spawning under the floor is very common. 

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specific ovis on 60 % spawn babies under texture. 
next problem is a places with double textures floor (texture under texture). on this place is a big chance spawn baby under texture.
many spawned babies grown under texture. aka reaper and more..

the best option is to put pillars and ceilings above the floor so that there is an empty space between the dinosaur and the floor.

for doedicurus femaale use  hatch frame.

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