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Any way to change max dino lvl to 150 on story maps?


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On PS4 it was enough to tick the 'max difficulty' box and it would force the dinos' max level to be 150, regardless of the map.
Now on Switch it looks like it's lvl 120.

However on RAG I noticed the dino levels were up to 150. My guess is this has something to do with the story maps.

Difficulty raised in the settings to 1 doesn't do much more.

Tried 'setdifficultyoffset 5.0' and 'destroywilddinos' in the console command after, but this did not change things.

Is there something else that might help making the max lvl to 150 on story maps, or is this just not a thing for the Switch Ark?

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Thank you so much! Finally working.


Does the setting reset each session? Like with the 'max difficulty' box in the settings?

On Switch it's not that big of a deal luckily since the console saves your latest used commands. No need to type everything from the scratch. Gotta love that QOL improvement.


Also this is the first time I hear you can get difficulty higher than 5 on consoles. Thought it's a PC thing strictly. Might have to give it a try on some map.


Thanks once again both of you. Cheers!

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