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Helloooo Survivors!


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New to Ark on PC, but! have put in 400+ hours on XB! 
Nice to meet you all ^^ 

Names Zziyan but my community calls me Zz/Zzi for short! 
Aspiring to be YouTuber! 
Im an editor for TwoBold and hosting 18+ Gaming Servers where we can all come together and have fun!
As long as you're okay with dark humor and respectful towards opinions, you'll fit right in! 
🟢 Ark Survival Evolved
🔴 DayZ - Coming Soon -
🔴 Sons of the Forest - Coming Soon -
🔴 Space Engineers - Coming Soon -
🔴 GTAV (FiveM) - Coming Soon -

Recently uploaded my first Ark Video, showcasing my communities 1st experience on Ark! Come check it out :D! 

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