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hey everybody. I have the problem that i am running Pterodacytl on Linux and i am not able to figure out how to set up the Cluster directory for both server in the same folder.

as example i used this command for trying "-ClusterDirOverride=/home/patrick/clusters"


but i dont know if thats right. anyway, none of the servers are creating a cluster file in there

maybe someone had the same probleme with that and know how i can setup the cluster.


with kind regards Varick.

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cluster id is set. thats no problem,


i looked it up and the folder should be read and writable 


i think the problem is that i am not using the right command, maybe another path.


i am quit new on linux, but i dont exectly now how to write the path in the command


for example: 


or "-ClusterDirOverride=sda:/home/patrick/clusters"


so i want that both servers have access to the same folder and that both are saving the files in it.



here the startup command:

rmv() { echo -e "stopping server"; rcon -t rcon -a${RCON_PORT} -p ${ARK_ADMIN_PASSWORD} -c saveworld && rcon -a${RCON_PORT} -p ${ARK_ADMIN_PASSWORD} -c DoExit; }; trap rmv 15; cd ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux && ./ShooterGameServer {{SERVER_MAP}}?listen?SessionName="{{SESSION_NAME}}"?ServerPassword={{ARK_PASSWORD}}?ServerAdminPassword={{ARK_ADMIN_PASSWORD}}?Port={{SERVER_PORT}}?RCONPort={{RCON_PORT}}?QueryPort={{QUERY_PORT}}?RCONEnabled=True$( [ "$BATTLE_EYE" == "1" ] || printf %s ' -NoBattlEye' ) -server {{ARGS}} -log & until echo "waiting for rcon connection..."; rcon -t rcon -a${RCON_PORT} -p ${ARK_ADMIN_PASSWORD}; do sleep 5; done


and here the additional Arguments: (cluster ID edited for post)

-NoTransferFromFiltering -clusterid=example -ClusterDirOverride=/home/patrick/clusters

Edited by Varick
uploaded the startup command
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I found that the windows version of the server didn't like to have a drive specified for the cluster.  So -ClusterDirOverride=C:\ArkServer\Cluster  didn't work, but  -ClusterDirOverride=\ArkServer\Cluster did work.  Linux might have the same issue, I don't know.

Take a look at the startup log for your server - to make sure the command string is being constructed correctly.  Linux can be fussy about spaces and minus signs.
I don't have a linux box here, so can't test it for you 😞

Don't worry about publicising your cluster ID.  It's only used locally to create a directory name within the cluster directory.
You can have several clusters all sharing one ClusterDir.  The Cluster Dir would have to be shared publicly over the internet for anyone to interfere with it.

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