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Increase Bronto HP / Armor saddle




in this suggestion I wanna talk about the Bronto.
When it got nerfed many years back, no one really used them anymore. It would be nice to bring them back in the game. 

The Bronto is one of the biggest berry eater.  However it is one of the worst dinos to push/tank in PVP
If you compare it to a Racer I´ll give you this example:

Bronto - 100k HP - 74,5 Armor
Paracer - 100k HP - 74,5 Armor
Both dinos tank the exact same amount of tek shards from a tek turret. However when the Bronto dies the Paracer has still 25k~ HP left.
The Paracer is better to push foundation because its movement is just faster and better and it has also a higher armor saddle.

A fully capped avarage leveled Paracer has 190k HP
A bronto 280k HP

Even the HP difference does not change anything. If bronto has a capped saddle (74,5 armor) and a racer too (99,9 armor) the bronto is still way faster dead than the Paracer.


I dont even want to talk about the Megachelon. It has 600k HP and a 115 Armor saddle.
Can we please have an adjustment to the Bronto?

I suggest to increase the HP like it used to be (same HP gain as a megachelon) or/and higher the armor saddle to 124 armor. 
It will give us the nice bronto back in PVP ❤️


Please share your opinion and let the Devs know.


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