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This has probably been said on the forums before, but I literally came here to give this feedback, because right now I'm busy not playing Ark with my kids over mod mismatches. 

I think it's great that you guys are gonna make a UE5 port (except that it's likely to break all the mods). 

But do you think you could fix basic game functionality after... how long has this thing been out? 

  • Stop timing out the connection if it's busy downloading mods. Can't tell you how not fun it is reconnecting to the same server over and over because some timeout thinks that "downloading mods" is a failure. 
  • Let the mods *downgrade*. These servers don't get mod updates on the regular (even when we admins try... you could fix that too)... so let the client load the old version from the server so I can play. 
  • Fix the servers getting mod updates. I'm playing on officially recommended hosts and I still can't get updates to the servers in a timely manner (I'm on day 2 of the kibble mod stopping me from playing). 
  • Fix the UI. Seriously. Why do I have to click "accept" instead of also being able to hit <Enter>? Why doesn't <Tab> take me between fields? 

I'm amazed at how long you've been doing TLC patches and expansions... kudos... but there's no excuse for not having resolved these basic QoL issues. 

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