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Magmasaur question ??


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Hi all , just come over from gen 1 with my magmasaur think I'd be able to gather thousands of sulphur from the sulphur lake and nothing , 

I thought the magmasaur was the gather all king but seems not , also can't gather shards from the rocks it lives by on gen 1 .


What is the best creature to gather sulphur with ? Thanks guys 

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Magmas didn't used to eat sulfur as babies.  This was added later on.  That is why they aren't an animal that naturally gathers this resource that it can consume, which isn't an uncommon thing in ark.   Example - doedicurus cannot gather berries when that is its core diet.


The link Joe has provided is a great resource and you will learn a lot and save yourself a lot of headaches if you get to know that site, or download the app on your phone.

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