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Ice Fishin' Missions Won't Work On Our Server?


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My friends and I are renting  a private server and just finished Fjordur, so we moved into Genesis 1 last night. We started in the Arctic and found the frozen pond where the Ice Fishin' mission is located. We started it up, but discovered that we can't actually sit in the chair. When we look at the chairs that appear by the holes in the ice, it says it's a chair, but gives us no option to sit in it. We've tried leaving the tribe, restarting the server, etc. Nothing is working.

I tried to start a single player game and added all the mods we use, and it worked for me no problem. It seems that this is only an issue on our server. I can't figure out for the life of me what is happening here...

Any suggestions? Not sure what info you may need, so let me know if you need anything specific! I know we can just use admin commands to force completion, but that is a really crappy way to solve the situation and not a lot of fun!

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Ok, I am glad I am not the only one having this issue. I run a private cluster and decided to pull down scorched and toss up Genesis.  The first mission we go to (Ice Fishin) is bugged in the exact same way.

Also, when someone else starts the mission, they can't sit on the chair, but people not running the mission can.  It is a very strange bug.  Hopefully there is a solution soon. 

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My Map is fine, but the fishing is still broken for everyone on my server


Mods on server for Fault Finding working previously with the mods:


S+ Stuctures

Dino Storage v2

Blueprint Crafter (Not Really needed as I've now edited S+) 

ColStax V2 - Stacks/Weights, DLC Engrams, & More

Death Recovery Mod (v1.13)

Ark Extinction Titans (left over from Extinction)


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