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pve Obsidian Island PVX [Mobile]

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Sick of hackers?

Sick of griefing?

Sick of nobody making conversation, or trading?


Well maybe Obsidian Island is for you!!

Obsidian Island is a Brutal PVXC which offers a friendly community, as well as 5 admins who monitor the server constantly to prevent hacking!

our server features;

5 friendly admins (4 males, 1 female (myself) )

An adoption center (Currently a WIP as I breed out dinos for adoption. i currently have raptors, tapes, argies, and spinos.)

An admin shop, where you can trade in balms, and collars for levels, dinos, armor, etc.


The rules are; (WIP)

NO hacking

and NO killing passive tames

NO dino dropping people in the pve zone.

Another rule i’d like to add is no killing very small tribe’s dinos. Brutal is difficult to tame on.


Obsidian Rain








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