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Panthera Atrox - The largest feline of all time is here!

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3 hours ago, Mayichi said:

The largest feline of all time is here!

聽The Panthera Atrox is a carnivorous mammal extinct species that belongs to the Felidae family, which lived in the west of North America and in the Argentinian-Chilean Patagonia region during the Pleistocene period (studies about its fossils indicate that it lived approximately 340,000 years ago).

聽With a size of 1.25 m (4 feet), it is considered the largest feline of all time, being 25% bigger than the African lion. It is estimated that the American lion could reach a weight of 360 kg (794 pounds) and had a behavior similar to nowadays Asian lions that live alone and in pairs.


聽- The Mighty Roar is capable of canceling the use of Shadowmanes' teleport ability (Warp Attack) and dismounting riders from any dinosaur attacked by the Panthera Atrox (except the largest ones). The roar will operate in a circular area with a radio range of about 15 meters (50 feet). It will have a cooldown with a duration of 30 seconds. In the case of the canceling effect of the teleport ability (Warp Attack) on Shadowmanes, the duration will be 20 seconds.

聽- Bite with slowing effect: Each time that the Panthera Atrox bites an animal or a person, the victim will slow its movement speed (until 30%). The duration of the slowing effect will last approximately 3 seconds per bite and it could gradually increase the more the Panthera Atrox bites its enemies. The bites will use up about 10 stamina.

聽- It has powerful claws capable of causing fast but not very efficient damage.

聽- Damage Buff (Herd of Panthera Atrox): If there are three Panthera Atrox allied or more (it is necessary to have at least one male and two sisters), they will gain a X2 damage skill.

聽- Panthera Atrox gives cold immunity to the user who rides it thanks to its thick fur.

Taming: To tame the Panthera Atrox, simply give them any living herbivore or dinosaur to eat. The larger the herbivore animal or dinosaur is, the faster and more accurate the taming process will be. (editado)

Base stats:

Health: 850

Stamina: 450

Oxygen: 250

Food: 1750

Weight: 500

Melee Damage: 100%

Movement Speed: 100%

Torpor: 850




esta guapo聽

thanks to my community for being part of this especially to DedoSinUna聽for his initiative and thanks to Angel, Emi, Gun y Alex, for his help ^^

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On 1/18/2023 at 12:18 PM, helioss9 said:

Hello i really like the Idea of this Big Beetle but the part i dont really like is the machine gun and the canon, i think this creature should be more like a close combat flyer with a high HP and tankines and i think it would be kinda wasted if we have sadle that keep you far from combat,and if im not Wrong there is no tank flyer, this is all i needed to Say and even if its not my favorite i would be really happy too see it in the game

On 1/14/2023 at 10:36 AM, TorchuJACK117 said:

Common name: Bastion
Species: antarctotrechus Balli
age: oligocene
Diet: omnivore
temperament: neutral

Please Note! All credit for this creature idea goes to survivorSantiago99 who posted it on the fjordur submission. Though I posted the Desmodus bat... this bastion beetle may have been my favorite creature and I think it deserves all the attention. He put a ton of work into it.聽


* Wild:

A friend of mine used to tell me, when you feel the sky start to vibrate and a deafening fluttering sound invades the area you are in, watch out! That a bastion beetle is near, although it is known that they are of neutral temperament, this coleopteran is to be respected, it is better not to disturb them if you do not want to end up crushed by their horns and be like plasticine, this creature can be found in forests, swamps and prairies according to the map, the beetles will be flying low in these places, Adults can鈥檛 be domesticated only the babys, if you search well in rotten logs you can find their larvae, their domestication will be passive, (you will find them in different sizes as the kairuku) but beware that in their larval stage they secrete a substance that attracts ants using them as their guardians, and not only that, if there is a stronghold of adults nearby they will not hesitate to attack you. For insects, these coleopterans come with a protective instinct towards their young. If it manages to evade the adults, immediately isolate the larva you want and offer it tree sap, funca wood, cactus sap, honey or vegetable cake, these last 2 are the best options for better taming.


鈥⒙犅犅 Tamed:
once it is yours, it will eat only wood, funca wood, cactus sap, tree sap, vegetable cake, also it will be the first baby creature you can put on your shoulder immediately (only temporary because its growth will be slow).
鈥⒙犅犅 shoulder larvae skills:
-聽聽聽 offer it organic polymer and it will be an insect repellent that will help you in caves and tame insects.
-聽聽聽 the hatchlings give off a deep smell to the human nose, this will help you not to fall asleep if you have torpor.
-聽聽聽 the larva's acute senses will help you to find scout notes or runes, remember to give it its caress if you wish.
the larva of the bastion beetle will have a state of joy, this will help the larva to grow faster to reach the pupa stage, to keep it happy it must receive caresses for a certain time, otherwise its capacities will be annulled and it will not have a benefit of fast growth.


When it reaches its pupal stage, it will grow excessively where it needs a lot of attention and ample space because at this stage it will start to grow a lot and you will see sexual dimorphism. Also, I tell you mate, the bastion will have a long maturation time to become an adult, almost matching the growth like the large mount, what can I tell you? metamorphosis is not easy at all!



When it finally becomes a beetle, it will be able to feed on fruit and meat, as well as use it without a saddle.
On land it will be somewhat slow but with one of the best weight reduction, water is its worst enemy, have you seen a non-aquatic beetle in the water? very clumsy and its wings get wet being impossible to fly, but in the air, it will be one of the most maneuverable flyers because like the griffin it can fly backwards but in a better way, albeit slower. Wherever you want it to stay flying your bastion, that's where it will stay.


General abilities:聽

- Ground flapping: on the ground it will fling all small enemies around it by spreading and flapping its wings like the wyvern.
- Aerial Grab: while flying he can grab medium and medium-large creatures (he is a large scale beetle, of course he can carry large dinosaurs).
- Walk like a god: Both can climb and cling to any kind of surface.

-Chemical spit: When threatened the Bastion can release a volatile acidic compound on those who threaten it!


* Passive:
- 75% weight reduction.
- It will keep the same speed, even if it is at the weight limit.
- Ballistic damage reduction 25% (except tek).
- Radiation resistance.
* Weaknesses:
- extra fire damage 30%.
- vulnerable to genesis net 2
- extra damage to tek turrets 20%

Male's abilities:聽


聽- Brutal terrestrial strength: he will be able to charge and throw enemies with his powerful chitin horn (if he keeps hold of the victim he will do high progressive damage until he kills him).聽

- Canelo blows: ramming with his horn will slightly push enemies like the diplodocus, but with additional damage.


Male duel: between males there will be a fighting system with his horns, the stronger one will defeat the other by ramming or charging him (perfect for tournaments).
* Male passive:
- Pursuit: if there is another non-allied flyer near the bastion he will have 15% more speed and endurance.
- Last breath: when he is at a quarter of life he releases pheromones that cover him completely, giving him for a short period of time a 90% reduction in damage received that will cloud the enemy's vision.

the bastion is a beetle that can carry more than 100 times its own weight, although the female is stronger than the male.

Abilities of the female:聽


.* Female abilities:
- strong bite: with its powerful take small to medium-sized creatures, but with a considerable low range unlike the male.
- architect: with her jaws she will be able to take any structure from your base to move them to another place (like the exo mek).
* Female passives:
- Tough as steel: when the female is at half health she will have an extra 50% damage resistance.
- Flee: when directly attacked she releases pharamones that slow the enemy very briefly (3 seconds per attack)

鈥⒙犅犅 Bastion of war:
Your mount will be made at the manufacturer, your bastion will become a war machine:
- What does the mount offer in general?
- light thrusters: using gasoline as fuel, you will have a decent enough speed to move on the map.
- flashlights: flashlights on your mount perfect for night or go aberration.
- safe rider: the cockpit is perfect for not dismounting.
- ejector seat: only for the driver, when the bastion dies the pilot is ejected from the mount (I hope you have a parachute).
- Extra seat: extra seat with the option to equip the genesis 2 minigun.
- The mounts will grant a new weapon ability for the male and female.

鈥⒙犅犅 Males:
Males on their mount will have a pair of machine guns modified for their size.
- They will use advanced ammunition.
- at structure levels, it can damage metal structures
- They will overheat
- Will have progressive damage.
Special ability:
No overheating: Both machine guns will fire non-stop leaving red hot granting for a brief time x3 in damage.



The female, not having her horn, on her mount will change completely and you will see a 90mm cannon.

- She will use only cannon balls or rocket ammunition (both ammunitions have different damage).

- at structure levels, it can damage tek structures.

- It will have reloading times

- These can be intercepted by turrets.

- You will only be able to use the cannon if the beetle is perched on a surface and not in the air.聽

Special ability:

Artillery attack: for a short period of time the cadence of the cannon changes giving the opportunity to fire consecutive shots, but with less damage.


Both will have a mount with an extra seat for another passenger with a minigun that you can attach (the new genesis 2 weapon) for the extra passenger.

There has also been mention of high tier tribes creating advanced tek saddles with special abilities.

鈥⒙犅犅 New item!
the bastion exoskeleton is one of the hardest in the ark, the bastion chitin is unique with a hardness difficult to cut and above all to obtain because you have to treat it with patience, the prime chitin that the bastion will offer you to improve your armor, but be careful, the chances of getting the main chitin from the bastion bodies are very low.


I bring you the new upgrade only for the riot armor, equip the armor with the powerful prime chitin to become a giant of what i call, the bastion armor.
the user will be offered:
- ballistic damage resistance +40%:
- durability: + 40%
- melee damage resistance +40%.
- armor penetration - 30%
- speed -40%
- weight +15%.
- heat stroke +10%.
- stamina expenditure if you run: +30%.
- bastion armor can be repaired.
- total blocking of all accessories (wings, gas mask, etc.).

Hold on as the last bastion of your very large base! protect yourself from wildlife! enter caves forgetting about damage, invade bases like in shooters! use bastion armor!

鈥⒙犅犅 utilities: pvp/pve:
-聽聽聽 tired of using rex for the boss? Don't think twice and form a squad of bastions to take out the boss.
-聽聽聽 you haven't unlocked the exomek? with the female's architect skill you can forget about this problem and move the structures you want in your base!


-聽聽聽 forget about using cannons to tame golems or tek weapons for the astrocetus, use the female bastion and forget about problems.


use a new way to fly on the ark, use the bastion!

Santiago's inspiration:

honestly ark needs a fast flyer that is insect and not a cute lymantria lol. my main inspirations were helicopters, i feel it could change the meta of the game for the better and give another fresh air to our ark for its latest updates, for the male design i was inspired by tempest, the flying boss creature from gears 3 and the 2 turret mount based on the karn creature design from gears judgment.
for the female design I was inspired by the clone wars walkers, the AT-TE and the soviet IS-2 heavy tanks.
having something like this in ark seemed like a dream, but we are one step away from making it a reality.

Source link:聽https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antarctotrechus

5 minutes ago, xXmrYisusXx said:

No ofrece nada la criatura la verdad

Aparte de que la mayor铆a son parte de su comunidad en twitch y ni siquiera han jugado Ark. Solo votando porque ella se los pidi贸 todos unos simps la verdad聽

1 hour ago, Voidwyrm94 said:

oh my god! it hasn't even been on the first page for 2 hours and it's already on the first page! another Spaniard altering the votes with votes from people who don't even play ark lol

La mayor铆a son simps bro聽

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alright scratch my viva la revolution, posting on your instagram and sending 800k random dudes to vote for your virtual lion is not cool

Hey all, just a heads-up here. I understand that a rumour (that I unfortunately had a hand in spreading) has popped up that this streamer has been garnering votes by giving free access to a certain site to those who vote.

These allegations have since proven to be false, as the whole basis of the rumour was non-native speakers misinterpreting a joke as a statement. The rumours of Nexxuz's involvement are also false. Regardless of how I feel about her influencing the vote, spreading misinformation to destroy someone's reputation is not cool.

Edited by APerson1
addressing rampant misinformation in thread
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