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resurrection Pyreniaca Medisal (Ark's Pyrenean Ibex) The Salt-Seeking Reviver



The Pyrenean Ibex (Pyreniaca Medisal) is an intriguing creature, one with powers unlike anything I've seen in my travels around this strange world. It appears that it can detect what is in metal nodes simply by the taste of the stone, with subtle differences amplified by it's permanent quest for salt. And rumour has it, it can revive the dead, for a cost...

    The creators of this strange land must have really studied the Ibex's natural behaviors while it was alive, as it has a permanent longing for salt. This insatiable craving is a driving force for the Ibex, and is the reason why it can tell what is in stone nodes simply by taste; the taste buds on its tongue are so adept to searching for salt that they can pick up and decipher bare traces of almost anything you could possibly find in a stone node. The ones on Aberration can even find hidden bits of crystal.

    There is another side to this creature other than an adorable salt-seeking goat mount: They can raise the dead... sort of. I believe, that as a reference to this particular species's de-extinction in 2003, whoever decided to put this creature into the Ark gave it a special ability: If given the fresh corpse or, much harder to do, the dermis of a creature, it can resurrect them with only a few health points left. To do this, however, requires 2x the amount given to the resurrected creature taken away from the Ibex resurrecting the creature's health, along with a fair amount of salt as payment for this incredible act.

Example: Say your favorite Lystosaurus just wandered off a cliff. You bring your trusty Ibex down to your unlucky pet's corpse. You have it bring the Lystro back to life with 75 health points left. Not much, but hopefully enough to bring it back up the hill to your base. This action takes away 150 health from your Ibex, 2x the amount it revived your Lystro for. It also requires 75 salt as a reward for sacrificing some of it's own health for your little buddy.

Now, say you're walking back up the hill to your house. Suddenly, your Lystro gets attacked by a Raptor, killed, and subsequently eaten by the Raptor. You fight it off, but your Lystro is gone forever. Or is it? Suddenly, you remember you took its dermis before it fell. You rush back on your Ibex's strong back, nearly vertically up the hill to your house. Good thing its used to steep mountains! You grab your dead Lystro's dermis and hastily give it to your Ibex, and resurect it with 50 health left, but in the safety of your base. This takes 250 health (5x) from your Ibex, with a fee of 125 salt. 

Now, there would be a 10 minute cool down for any resurrection to make it more balanced, but this is a close approximation of a normal resurrection.

So, how would you tame this incredible creature? Well, there are 2 ways.

1. Lead the Ibex to some salt nodes and let it lick them. After each one, give it some raw salt. This will progress the taming bar.

2. This is the arguably less moral method, but it may take a lot less time. Ibexes are naturally kind to most of the forest dinos, so if you bring it a dead creature (naturally dead or killed by you, doesn't matter) it will resurrect the creature, and then you must give it some salt. This will only require a few resurrections due to the long ability cool down.


Wild Ibexes will destroy trees with a vengeance, due to the last Ibex being killed by a falling tree. Tamed ones will reserve their hatred until you put them on Wander. This makes them somewhat useful for clearing forests.

Ibexes will sometimes spawn with a baby in tow, and taming the mother tames the baby too. The baby can not have the Imprinting stat boost, nor can it be tamed without a mother Ibex nearby.


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