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The manipulator was found as only one specimen encased in amber 100 million years old. It resembled a cockroach but with long legs and arm-like appendages similar to a praying mantis. My edition would be the size of a rex and fly. 



Main attack is a bite/claw swipe that inflicts bleeding. Like a shadowmane, the attack gets faster as you keep doing it, but only while the manipulator is flying. At full speed, it starts to hit with such force that flying creatures hit by it are stunned and their riders dismounted if they are tamed creatures. Also pierces through armor completely.

Manipulators are also able to pick up creatures while flying with their legs. Creatures up to the size of a stego can be picked and carried. 


Manipulator Goo:

The Manipulator has three different types of goo that it can swap through according to it's needs.

"Slippy Goo"

For catching prey in tight spaces, it can produce a slippery, lubricating goo that makes it easier for the bug to squeeze into cracks and crevices to find smaller creatures. This goo can be harvested off the Manipulator and applied to a survivor to make them slippery enough to easily escape bolas and nets, along with making them fireproof. 

"Burny Goo"

Burny goo is used as a defense mechanism that reflects damage and applies a debuff to melee attackers while breaking their armor. It works on dinosaurs as well and is a great way to enrage gigas that dare to attack. It can't be harvested for obvious reasons but is great for pvp against tougher opponents.

"Sticky Goo"

 A big problem in ark pvp is speed, especially among players. Sticky goo solves that problem. Attackers are slowed by the goo and the Manipulator leaves a trail of the stuff wherever it walks. The trail can slow dinosaurs and players(be warned it works on allies as well, the only creature immune to it is the Manipulator itself).

The manipulator can spit the Burny and Sticky goo variants as projectiles for it's third attack, the burny goo variant is just a basilisk poison ball, while the sticky variant is a large and explosive araneo web ball. 


Saddle Design:

The Manipulator's saddle is similar to a magmasaur saddle. It features an enclosed metal compartment for the primary rider, while it has a passenger seat with a built-in ballista attachment capable of shooting chain bolas and spear bolts. 


Passive Abilities:

30% resistance to ballistic damage(bullets, arrows, etc.)

Ground Sense: The Manipulator can feel even the slightest vibrations in the ground when landed, allowing it to detect nearby dinosaurs within 30 meters, and submerged purlovias, reapers, and death worms within 15 meters.

Like most arthropods, the Manipulator is immune to torpor damage.

Redirection: The manipulator can take negative debuffs such as shadowmane poison or lymantria spores out of it's system and transfer them to it's claws, applying the debuffs to enemies when hitting them.

Maneuverable: The Manipulator can fly like a griffin/desmodus in the air, moving in any direction while looking in one.

Noglin Immunity: The Manipulator is able to use it's burny goo to expel parasites such as leeches or noglins, doing so automatically when it senses their presence.

Beer Maker: The Manipulator has fermenting properties found in it's saliva that can ferment berries into beer liquid.

Noglin Remover: The Manipulator can use it's precise claws to dig noglins and leeches out of fellow tames with it's main attack, at a small cost of the tame's health.



The Manipulator is highly aggressive and will attack players and their tames on sight. To solve this, you must wear bug repellent, which will cause it to pick you instead. Then feed it any kind of meat or extraordinary kibble to tame it. Be careful not to hurt it during this process. It will also drop you if your bug repellent runs out.

DISCLAIMER: The art isnt mine cuz im doodoo at making my own i found it on google images.


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