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Duck Billed dinosaurs and Small herbivore behavior updates



The Iguanodon would be a great addition to Ark 2 as it is a new and creative looking dinosaur, Instead of running away like Parasaurolophus, it would fight back enough to damage Carnotaurus, It would be a fast tame, with good health, but its weight and melee would be upgraded. If the Iguanodon seems to weak then I would recommend adding the Edmontosaurus. This Dinosaur would be able to fight back against a Rex, but only for a bit. This dinosaur would be fast and could carry weight, and its health would be the same as a Allosaurus, but would have to have its melee leveled up a little to be a good tame. Of course the Edmontosaurus in game can have its size bigger as to make it more appealing to players. Ideas for Iguanodon (Top) and Edmontosaurus (Bottom):



As for Herbivores in Ark today, I find them pretty stupid. A rex would attack a Doedicurus and the Doedicurus would try to fight back. My recommendation would be to make it so the "Flight and Fight"  technique work. Maybe by making it based on size, so when a Triceratops gets approached by a Giga, it will run away, but if it is approached by an Allosaurus, then its a fair fight. Or even when a herbivore is fighting another herbivore/carnivore, if it realizes it is past 3/4 of its health, it will run away. This would add so much life in the game and would make it way more realistic. This same program can be applied to carnivores.

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