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Community Crunch 345: A Day in the Life!


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On 1/21/2023 at 3:03 AM, Southerner07 said:

Hello, I am a big fan of ARK and I often play on the mobile platform and I would like to make some suggestions including:
- Adding dinosaurs like Yutyranus and Thylacoleo.
- Be able to bring our dinosaurs back to the dungeon 
- To be able to train more dinosaurs 

Thank you in advance for considering my request please.


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Okay but i prefer to know and maybe see if we gonna find creatures of Cambrian/Ordovician/Silurian/Devonian/Carboniferous (the giant dragonflies like the game of King Kong can be really good for trap others creatures)/Permian (Inostrancevia like Dino Crisis 2 or Primeval)/Neogene/Quaternary.

We know just we can find few Trias and Jurassic creatures.
Maybe Cretacious for Spino & Quetzal because we see Pteranodon in trailer. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe Paleogene because you see sabertooth skulls. 🤷‍♂️

Thank you for sharing.

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@CosmicSkeletoni was thinking of making a desert part of the map inspired by Egyptian culture and creatures and have a boss like I am doing for Quetz. As well as A third ancient culture that has mythical creatures and one i could use as a boss. Like maybe like greek or romen tell me what you think.

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Ark I have a creature that you can (possibly) add into Ark ll it is called the Tarbosaurus. I don't have the skill to do anything with it or something but I can tell here. To others finding this like this (or heart it I'm new to the survivetheark). Ok here it goes, Tarbosaurus would be a good creature for raids and boss fights. It is a bit weaker than the Rex but is faster. The size was be a bit smaller. It has the ability to have a VERY strong bite but it takes a lot of stamina and does take 4 seconds to finish it. It can also do a charge move which can break stone. Its bite can't break stone. It can courage all creatures giving them 150+ bonus of everything, like damage, speed, health, stamina. Well I dont want this to be too long so bye :)


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