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The Colossus Penguin - Palaeeudyptes klekowskii


Timeline: Eocene Era


The Colossus Penguin was on average over 2.1 Meters tall and weighed over 140kg. A penguin bigger than most full grown men, resilient in the coldest weather, able to dive deep into the sea, incredibly fast in water, slides in land, helps raise young dinos, durable, and insulates.



A flightless bird that is fast and agile both on land and in the water. Their wings are anatomically the same as flighted birds only shorter and stouter making them stronger for use as fins. Penguins can swim at an estimated speed of 36km and dive to depths of over 550 meters with ease. When cresting they can burst out of the water at the same speed, launching themselves up onto land, ice, even ships, far out of the reach of predators. On land they utilize their aerodynamic fusiform shape to hurl themselves and slide on their bellies at speeds that can surpass even their underwater rates. 

It's diet mainly consists of seafood (krill squid and fish). Even when gaining extra weight for incubating their eggs, they hardly eat more than normal. They have a bowel movement on average every 20 minutes. Their feathers are tight and layered with four types of feather that make for thick insulating plumage protecting them from the elements as well as most environmental hazards.

Generally penguins are peaceful, though known to be feisty, especially when watching over their young. If a mother penguin loses an egg or a chick, it often seeks to try and steal another to raise as it's own. Loving affectionate creatures that form strong bonds with their young. They develop sounds that only they and their young recognize. 



As a mount-

Single person mount, can ride as it slides and glides across land. Extremely fast water mount that can descend and ascend quicker than any other water mount, burning stamina ascending will launch out of the water, takes no fall damage, can take a lot of damage, eats at a very slow rate.

As a nanny- 

Imprints dinos within range with a squawk and nuzzle animation.

As an incubator- 

Can incubate 1 egg underneath it 10x faster than normal incubation. 


Works like a refrigerator.


Fast mount, durable. 


Drops eggs that can be used for Extraordinary Kibble


Drops large feces often.


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