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pvp PC - 1000 YEARS WIDE - ALL MAP Cluster || PVP || 👍FRESH WIPE 👍


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(FRESH WIPE) Welcome all survivors, we will be starting Year 1 Season 1 tomorrow Friday January 27th at 4pm EDT. All are welcome but few will survive. Each Season is 3 months long and at the end of each season we will accept nominations for multiple categories that will contain perks for winners that benefit them for the next season.

We have modest rates, active admins, and tons of quality-of-life plugins. Come be part of the beginning of something extraordinary.

Year 1 - Season 1 (Season 1.1) will begin Friday January 27th 2023 and will end Sunday April 30th 2023


Discord Player List
Vote Rewards
Global Chat Logs
Admin Logs
Custom Events
Tributes Transfers Enabled
6 Player Tribes
ORP/NPP (72 Hours Post Wipe)
In-Game Shop with UI
Kick Me Feature
No Structure Collision
Advanced Ark Anti-Cheat
100 Turret Limit and Vanilla Turret Range
Infinite Structure Pick-Up
Custom Stack Sizes - Balanced for PVP and QOL

XP - 3x
Harvest - 3x
Taming - 8x
Mating Interval - 0.12 (3-5 Hours)
Mating Speed - 10x
Egg Hatch Speed - 35x
Baby Mature Speed - 15x
Crop Growth Speed - 6x

Weight - 5x (50 per point)
Fortitude - 3x (6 per point)
Crafting Speed 2.5

Weight - 10x



Come join us today and get a head start in your most exciting Ark experience ever.

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New Season Starting
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